Ariane and Rina the balle-Rina

I keep waking up early. Like, wayyyyyy early. This morning, I opened my eyes to stare at the clock on the ceiling (we have a projector alarm clock and I love it!) and it was telling me it was 0445. I normally get up at 0500 for Crossfit, so there was no point trying to fall back asleep. Normally, I would’ve browsed the blogs I’m addicted to I follow for maybe an hour or so and then try to go back to sleep before the girls got up, but not this morning. I got up quietly, closed the girls’ bedroom door and quietly got ready for the day. Having read the Crossfit VicCity blog last night, I knew today was all about rowing, so I was ready mentally.

The WOD:

Before I get into the WOD, the box is now offering an Olympic Lifting class. I wish I could go, but that would mean getting a sitter every Monday night for the girls, and money is a bit tight lately (with me being on maternity leave and all), so it will have to wait I guess. The box is also having its edition of VicCity Games this year. I had no intentions of registering for it, let’s be honest, I’m nowhere near ready, but it would be something I’d love to do in the future!

Back to the WOD! There were 8 of us this morning so it was perfect for teams of 2. I was teamed up with Kevin and somehow felt like I was “cheating” on my partner Mark! Mark and I had been paired up for the past two team WODs so it felt weird to be teamed up with someone else. It’s good though, it gets me to meet new people! 🙂 We finished in 24:49 and although I’m still slow, I managed to keep all my splits below 2:26. My best split was my last one at 2:20 (all because of a little sprint at the end!) 🙂

Even though we came in dead last, I was happy! I was in charge of our last split (Kevin had started so he finished his 5 rounds 1st) and I was going to give it my all. I know people were cheering me on, but I couldn’t tell you who was cheering for the life of me. I am totally lifted when people gather around me to cheer me on when I’m dead last, but I also get a little shy, so I try to focus on the task at hand and not the people around. Whomever were there cheering, Thank you! It helped to take the focus away from the blisters slowly forming inside my hands! 😉

After the WOD, I got to talking with Tracey (Coach Caleb’s mom) and she invited me to bring Rina to her 2-3 year old dance class later on in the morning. Rina LOVES the show Angelina Ballerina, so I took her up on her offer and although it meant Béatrice was missing her morning nap and the kitchen wasn’t getting cleaned, it was worth it just to see how excited and happy Rina was. There were times when she followed instructions and times when she didn’t (she would jump and run around the room like a … kid!), but I didn’t care. I just wanted her to have a good time and allow her some freedom. Tracey is also very laid-back about the class, so it helped with Rina’s free spirit! 🙂 I think she had a good time. I’ll have to discuss with Ben if we could afford to enrol her until Christmas. It would mean one more thing on my plate, but she seems to have a blast, so cleaning can always wait or I’d just have to clean more on Tuesdays!

It was a busy morning, but now, the girls are napping, the floors are drying and that means I can enjoy my tea while knitting without feeling guilty.

By the way, I managed to rescue my Froth Mobius. A few days ago, Rina sat on my needles and accidentally removed a few stitches off the needle. Wanting to help out, she pulled off the remaining stitches. Yikes! I wasn’t sure I was going to figure out how to salvage it all (all 35″ of lace) , but I managed to do so with only (!) unraveling 5″ off the total work. There are a few little mistakes, but I’ll take it! At least, I don’t have to start over from scratch!

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