Costco Cuties

My darling daughters,

I can’t pinpoint when exactly this happened in our lives, but it seems to me that the excitement adventure culminating point of our weeks have become our weekly trips to Costco! I guess it comes with the territory of having children and such, but I still like to browse the aisles for “what’s new this week”. Since your Dad was working today, it was just us girls and we took our time browsing.

We set out shortly before lunch time and arrived at our favourite place on earth Costo only to find it jam-packed. So much for trying to avoid the weekend crowd by going on a Friday. I was silently praying for Rina to want to ride the cart since there was only two of my hands to supervise the two of you! That problem was solved immediately when Rina spotted an oncoming car in the parking lot and asked to go in the buggy (she has this slightly irrational fear of moving cars. Not a bad thing in itself if you ask me, but she freezes like a dear stuck… well, in headlights!) PERFECT! One less battle to fight! Once inside, she wanted to walk, but I just pretended not to hear her for the first 100 times she asked and then proceeded to explain she had to remain in the cart for the next 100 times she asked. Gotta love a tenacious 33 month-old! I wonder where she gets that from???

To my greatest surprise, the two of you girls were extremely well behaved and laughed and giggled the whole time we were there. I was even a good Mama and let you sample some yogurt! At that point, I had moved Rina to the front seat (I love those double kids seat on the Costco carts! The best!) next to Béa and she proceeded to feed her minute amounts of yogurt while she served herself huge heaping spoonfuls of it! I guess we’ll have to go over the concept of sharing a little bit more! Some people (mostly women), were oooh-ing and aaah-ing at the cuteness of the two of you and I must admit, you were adorable!

To my great chagrin, there were HUGE lineups at the register, but you remained good-humoured and Béatrice would just screech with delight at anybody who would make eye contact with her. She would then proceed to flirt and give them her 2-teeth smile while Rina would giggle and play shy or would hug Béatrice to death. People kept marvelling at Béatrice’s eyes and earrings and  Rina’s blue eyes and curls. I often get asked where she gets her curls from… I guess when my hair is up, it’s hard to see I have curly hair as well! Overall, you girls were a hit with everyone that came within a 5 meter radius of us and it made the sometimes painful & arduous Costco run a lot easier on this Mama! I guess I will forget the fact that nobody napped this afternoon as you both fell asleep within 10 minutes of me leaving your bedroom tonight.

Thank you for surprising me with your exemplary behaviour today and for making all of our lives a whole lot easier. Surprises like this, I’ll take them by the boat-load!

Sleep tight little angels!


Maman Xxo

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