Pushing, Crawling and Standing!

Man! I was lacking motivation BIG TIME this morning! I don’t know if it’s because of the weather (Autumn has made a great appearance in Victoria, BC: rain, cold and wind are on the menu) or if I can blame it on still being sore from last Friday’s WOD or the lack of sleep over the past two nights (Béa is teething again), but it took everything I had in order to make it to the Box at 0600. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one struggling as we started out with just two of us (a third joined us in 15mins into our warm-up, thus earning himself 15 burpees). Coach Cam had designed a special WOD for his and Coach Sarah’s birthday and it was a tough one!


I kept pushing through and although it wasn’t the best of scores, it wasn’t the worst either. We had to tally our worst score for every exercise. My score was: 62 (7-13-27-15).

I ended up doing the TG I guess because I did single skips. I did, however, managed to do all my KB with the 26# one (I used to take the 18#) so I guess that’s a step in the right progression! 🙂

As for the Hang Power Snatch, I kept it at 25#. I know it’s not much, but it was my 1st time doing those and there’s something about the progression of movements that I find really hard to do. I wanted to focus on form for today and not on weights for that single reason. I can always increase my weights once I feel confident I have the movement down.

I came back home and it was still pretty dark outside (and raining!), I sat on the couch and I swear I could have easily fallen asleep. I had to give myself a kick in the butt to get going. I got the cleaning done and only one more load of  laundry to fold. Now that the girls are going for a nap, I’ll get to relax a bit as well! 🙂

When I went to get Béatrice from her morning nap, she was standing up in her crib! 1st time she ever did that! She is also leaving the commando crawl for the proper 4-limb crawling! The girl wants to be on the move and it’s obvious!

I’ll leave you with a funny pic of Rina taken yesterday morning. She was riding her little zebra scooter (which she has named Boy) and had a bucket on her head (as a bike helmet? Who knows)???

Goof ball!

Goof ball!

3 thoughts on “Pushing, Crawling and Standing!

  1. Snatches are *hard.* They’re only just starting to click for me, and all I can say is… I promise they’re fun eventually. (and oh, I hate the “lowest reps” WODs, I wish it was “second lowest” because I always feel so hopeless after a low-rep set and then I don’t want to push any harder than that for the whole rest of the time)

    • They ARE hard! I have to say, so far, my least favourite move at Crossfit. I hope they will become easier as time passes! I find when we do “lowest reps”, my middle one is always my suckiest! Go figure!

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