Rhabdomyolysis Rant

Enough with Rhabdomyolysis already!

This article has been circulating the web and blogosphere ad nauseam for the past few days and was even featured on Good Morning America this morning. Although it has true components, ANYBODY can suffer the devastating effects of Rhabdomyolysis while practicing ANY physical activity if not careful. EDUCATE yourself! Listen to your body and your physical limits. Practice PERFECT FORM before adding on any weights to your reps. DON’T push any further when your muscles are screaming “No more”! ASK QUESTIONS to your coaches. If they don’t have any answers for you, if they don’t recommend modifications or if they urge you to push on, CHANGE BOX! STAY HYDRATED! To summarize, DON’T BE AN IDIOT! Use common sense and trust your guts. If it tells you something is wrong with your body, seek out medical advice. I’m not talking about common soreness from working out. This soreness means you have actually used your muscles in the proper way. I’m talking about the “I can’t move I’m in so much pain” kind of pain. ACTIVE REST DAYS are just that; ACTIVE. REST. DAYS. Take them! Skip a day at the box and do yoga, stretch, chase your kids around at the playground, go for a walk or a hike. Don’t just sit at home and expect miraculous recovery. Moving when sore, can help getting rid of the lactic acid build-up in your muscles (causing that lovely soreness). Crossfit can be addictive (so can running, rowing, hiking and any physical activity, thanks to the release of endorphins), skip a day once in a while. Nobody will hate you for it and you can rest those sore muscles.

Don’t be a poster child for all the negative aspects of Crossfit. Practice safe Crossfit and you’ll be just fine. Just stop talking to me about Rhabdomyolysis already!

Rant over!

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