What has Crossfit done for me

As I embark on my 3rd month of Crossfit, I find myself thinking about how Crossfit makes me feel…

Crossfit has done a lot for me, not just physically, but mentally. On the physical side, I feel a lot stronger and I’m slowly seeing a difference in the shape of my body. I sleep better, I am more patient with myself and my family. I strive at eating better and I don’t beat myself down when my meals are not WFPB. I want to be healthy for my family, but also for myself, so that I can keep going to Crossfit. I don’t get defeated by big tasks anymore, I deconstruct them and take them bit by bit, just like I do for the more challenging WODs.

Mentally, I am more focused and I am HAPPY. It’s been a while since I was able to say that I am truly happy. It’s not always easy to be an isolated mom on maternity leave with pretty much no relatives around. Crossfit is getting me to go out and meet new people (adults!) and even though more often than not, there is no way I can talk to these people (I’m so out of breath!), sharing the WODs is an experience like no other. Knowing that we all pulled through something that made us all sweat and lie on our backs in order to catch our breaths is like nothing else. I usually can’t say anything after a WOD, but the High 5’s mean everything and I’m usually grinning from ear to ear when I leave the Box because I pushed through yet another WOD!

The PR’s will become less and less and I may never achieve a WOD Rx or even get out of last place, but I feel like I have found a really fun new hobby. A hobby that is getting me back in the best shape of my life! 😉

P.S. It’s ok. Go ahead, say it… I definitely drank the Kool-Aid and I’m not ashamed of it! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What has Crossfit done for me

  1. There’s an RX’ed WOD rolling around for everyone, no matter what your strengths are 🙂

    Isn’t the real sleep nice? IMO it’s the best part. Well, that and the fist-bump after the WOD cause I’m not coordinated enough anymore for a high five or somebody’s got an icky ripped blister.

    • Awww! Thanks so much! It’s nice to have a “community” of like-minded people to connect with! Thanks so much for reading! I like reading you too! 😉

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