My First Time With A Girl…

A crossfit girl that is… Well, a WOD girl… Let me explain!

Today’s WOD was Helen. Even though I scaled it, I felt like I totally rocked her! 🙂

I hit a new PR with my back squats at 75#! I just need to remember to keep my knees out, even when I come back up from the WOD. I have a tendency to bring my knees back in and it’s not proper form. It probably didn’t help that my hair tie broke while doing those… Thanks Jordan for lending me another one! 😉

Now Helen… Dear Helen!

Many have asked, “Why are the workouts named after Girls?”  Coach Glassman, the founder and President of CrossFit explained it best. “I want to explain the workout once and then give it a name.  I thought that anything that left you flat on your back, looking up at the sky asking ‘what just happened to me?’ deserved a females name.  Workouts are just like storms, they wreak havoc on towns.”


Coach Caleb gave us all a good goal for Helen: Pick one move to do unbroken. I knew I could do the Kettle Bell no problems and there was no way I could do the pull-ups unbroken, so I focused on my biggest nemesis… Running. I know it’s only 400m, but I am SO NOT A RUNNER! This was going to be a tough one

I took off for the 1st round and I paced myself. If it was going to take me 45 mins to complete the WOD, so be it! I did the KB (18#) unbroken for all 3 rounds so I know I now have to increase my weight on those. For the pull-ups, I used the green band and I did my 1st and 2nd rounds in splits of 4-4-4. My 3rd round I did 4-4-2-2. I was pooped, but Coach Caleb said I was ready to move on from the green band! As for the running…


The 1st round went well. The first 200m are at a slight incline, but I just kept pacing myself. Second round went well too. I felt like I had this in the bag. Then the 3rd round came about. That slight incline suddenly felt like I was running up Everest without any oxygen supply. I slowed down a lot, but I never stopped though! I finished the whole thing in 13:58!

Can you tell I was (and still am) elated?!? I was so happy, I couldn’t stop smiling. I even shouted (in the privacy of my car) a loud Whoot! Whoot!

You know it's been a good one when you fog your glasses! That made Tracey giggle! ;)

You know it’s been a good WOD when you fog your glasses! That made Tracey giggle! 😉


And yeah, you read properly: that is a Fu** Cancer sticker on my water bottle because that’s how I feel about it! Overall, my 1st time with a (Crossfit) girl was really good! Looking forward to more of them! 🙂

8 thoughts on “My First Time With A Girl…

  1. Nice job!! I actually love Helen but haven’t done her (hehe) since I was pregnant. Running and KBS are easier for me and I can do 12 pull ups in a row so this is a WOD I can do well at.

  2. That is so exciting! I think I might be PMSing, but I teared up a little. (I’m almost certain it’s hormones, otherwise I might just be a little crazy.) I KNOW that feeling of triumph when you feel like you did something hard and you did it well.

    And yay for moving on from the green band!

    And I like the goal your coach set, of doing at least one movement unbroken. I’ll have to remember that for myself. It’s too hard to think of the entire thing unbroken, but if I can focus on ONE…

    Again, congrats!

    • Thanks so much! My shin splints ar eback with a vengeance today, but I’m still happy about yesterday! Coach Caleb is really good at helping us focus on different things, whether it’s deconstructing the WOD in order to get through it or focusing on one aspect of it. I find it really helps get through the tough parts!

      • What do you do to help with shin splints? Our wod today involved 1600m of running, and I just KNOW that I’ll be in pain tomorrow… And I have no idea what to do to try to head it off!

        (I also am not a runner!)

      • Ugh… Shin splints are a pain in my giant butt! a few years ago, I was in a running spree. I loved it, but my shins didn’t. I spend a whole year going to physio and deep tissue massages (over $2000) and nothing helped. I taped, iced, have orthotics insoles, took private running gait lessons, etc and I still suffer from them. I’m sorry I can’t help you there. I still try some WODs that involve running once in a while, hoping maybe one day I’ll be able to run pain-free… I keep thinking that it might be because I’m still on the overweight side… 😦 I know not to push through as mine are caused by fallen arches and I could cause a stress fracture (which would not be ok with me!). If running comes up in the next few weeks, I’ll have to sub with the erg or the dyne 😦

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