Triceps in the clouds!

This morning was another fun WOD!

Training Friday – Saturday

 Warm – up:   3 Rounds of: 6 dowel dislocates, 6 push-ups, 6 pole squats




Skill:  Ring Dip Practice

 3 x 5 second ring supports

Ring dip demo by coach (including kipping and bands)

3 x 5 ring dip practice


WOD:  Cheerios

12 – 9 – 6 – 3 reps of Front Squat (95/135) and ring dips


TG:  Scale FS as needed, scaled push-ups instead of dips

FG:  Scale FS to 65/95, assisted ring dips

FG2:  Scale FS to 75/115, assisted ring dips


The surprise of “Roxanne” was a fun twist on the song Roxanne by The Police. Coach Caleb played the song and every time they sang “Roxanne”, we had to go ahead and do a burped. It starts all slow with an explosion at the end! I missed a few because I could whip them up that fast, but it was fun! You could tell who knew the song and who didn’t as some people did a few more than necessary! I didn’t! I had a big Police phase when I was about 15-16! Oh my! I’m getting old!

Then it was time for the WOD. It was a quick one, but very Triceps-oriented! I ended up doing the TG with only 45# front squats. I thought I could maybe do 55#, but I could only pull a few reps without stopping, so I scaled back. I chose to opt out of the triceps ring dips and did push-ups instead. REAL push-ups on my toes, not on my knees! I was able to do the whole WOD this way and finished in 4:57! 🙂

I came back home and it was foggy outside. Like HOLY FOG!

6am on my street

6am on my street

Not getting any better at 9am

Not getting any better at 9am

I came home, took a luxurious bath by myself, no kiddies allowed and during breakfast, I noticed Béa had a little tuft of bed head hair sticking out. You know what that means? She’s finally growing hair! 🙂

Bed head!

Do you see the little tuft of hair sticking out at the back?!? Bed Head!

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