10 Months old!

My Sweet Béatrice!

Today you are 10 months old!

Photo 10-6-2013, 3 51 11 PM

Pumpkin Season!

Photo 10-6-2013, 3 50 08 PM

Serious Eyes

Photo 10-6-2013, 3 53 03 PM

10 months old!

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by! As much as I can’t remember the 1st 4 months of your life (everything was a blur of breastfeeding and lack of sleep), I feel like time should slow down a little bit so I can enjoy my time at home with you a little more. You are pulling yourself up to stand, you wave “Bye, Bye” and you are crawling around like a little speed demon. I can’t shove food down your mouth fast enough and you sure let me know about it! You are growing into this beautiful little girl and you have the most beautiful eyes: Sometimes brown, sometimes dark green, always a murky hazel. Your Mom and Dad are proud to be your parents and I know for a fact Rina loves you so much. We all do! Happy 10 months my Sweet BeZU!


Maman Xxo

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