Surprises all around!

The day started off way too early and not on a good note:

Surprise #1: 0400 Béa is awake and won’t go back to sleep unless she gets a bottle. I go back to sleep shortly after she does…

Surprise #2: 0430 I hear a faint trickle of water… Weird. Nobody is up, why would the tap be on? Oh well, must be dreaming. 2 mins later, Rina comes to me and says: “Mama, I pee my pants!” Great! On the way to her room to get her new pyjamas, I step both feet in said pee on the carpet. There is no way I’m cleaning this up now. It’ll have to wait until I get back from Crossfit (unless Ben wakes up before I get back… Yeah right! Sometimes, I crack myself up!) Priorities people!

I read this last night before going to bed and I thought: “Well, tomorrow looks like a good day to die!”

Surprise #3: Here are my reps for the Double Unders: 0-4-0-4-7! I got 7 in the last 40secs! Just the fact that I got any was surprising, let alone 7! I don’t know what it was, but I was looking at Jordan (a fellow Crossfitter) and her wrists were so limber and loose and something clicked in me and that’s how I managed to get my double unders! Thanks Jordan! 🙂

Surprise #4: I was paired up with Shela and it was nice because we were both doing the TG! We both scaled down the wall walks by a lot. Those are tough! The pull-ups were strict so I needed the red and green band, but Shela rocked them with the green band only! Good job partner! I did 2 sets of push-ups straight on the floor and the other 2 sets I did on my knees. Progress! Both Shela and I were doing double crunches. I felt like I had this, and Shela was struggling, but she hung in there and managed all her sets! Way to go, we were almost done! I was dreading the overhead walking lunges, but we both managed very well with a 10# plate! 

Surprise #5: Funny how I was super dreading this WOD and although it was challenging, don’t get me wrong, I managed ok through it all. Could it be I’m getting stronger than I think I am?!?

I left the box with a big goofy smile on my face. I love it when I feel elated after a WOD. No better way to start the day!

Off to ballet class with my little balle-Rina! 😉


8 thoughts on “Surprises all around!

  1. ahhh that WOD looks like SO MUCH FUN!! Great job rocking girl, and great job on the double unders!!! Loose shoulders and wrists are always what I have to remember so they don’t run away from me…and also to RELAX! I start getting all excited and going super fast and i’m way more likely to break than when I’m just kind relaxed.

  2. I had a similar wake up today…daughter up at 4 to watch her drawing on news…youngest peed his bed 🙂
    BUT you got me on the double unders…I’m lucky to string together 7 singles 🙂 Nice work!

    • You might not be able to do DUs, but you rock the pull-up (I still can’t!) We each have our strength and Crossfit is a great journey to improve our weaknesses. All in due time! 🙂

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