Tears of joy!

After the evening I had yesterday, the night didn’t get any better. Ben only got home at 2300 and the girls kept taking turns at waking each other up crying. I think I totalled 3hrs of sleep. Ugh! Let’s just say, I debated a long time (maybe 2 mins. That’s a LONG time for me as I NEVER snooze and am usually up by the time my alarm finishes its first round of ringing) about getting up when my alarm went off, but I figured, you’re awake, go and get it done!

Yeah… I thought I was going to need a bucket BEFORE we even started the warm-up, so that didn’t bode well… I always get nauseous when I’m running on fumes, sleep-wise…

I slacked off also on the back squats. For some reason, I thought I’d never done the 3-2-1 progression, but it turns out I did at 65# (Mark, if you read this, you were right and I was wrong! Sorry!). Today, I only used 55#. Live and learn!

I think there were only 6 of us this morning (can’t remember for sure, everything was a blur) and since my shins were acting up from all the double unders (stupid shin splints), I was doomed to modify with 0.5 mile on the Airdyne and 500m row.

"Send Off" or F*ck you Airdyne!

Damien,-spawn-of-everything-evil Airdyne

Tracey is still struggling with her knee, so it made sense for us to partner up. We were gonna do the 5 rounds. Airdyne 0.5 mile x 5 = SUCKING AIR big time and looking for a bucket multiple times! Tracey was the best partner to have for this WOD. She is so sweet and kind and always encouraging. I had 2 goals for this WOD: finishing and not swearing. I managed both before I burst into tears when I finished the last row. I was so proud of myself for getting through this very unpleasant 25 mins! It took a lot out of me. I had to zone out many times, just closing my eyes and not looking at how slow the numbers were moving on the erg or the dyne. I just kept rowing/biking and I even managed a slow sprint on the erg at the end. My erg average was brutal today. couldn’t go below 2:22/500m and I was more often closer to 2:30/500m, but I’m glad I sucked it up and finished!

We finished with a time of 25:13. Coach Cam allowed us to write it Rx on the white board! 🙂 I should have taken a picture, it was my first Rx ever! It completely skipped my mind. I guess I was too busy trying to breathe while swallowing back a little vomit. As I was stretching on the floor, there literally was smoke floating in front of my face. I guess my body was so hot, I was fuming!

I came home and was hoping for a relaxing bath, but Rina was adamant about hanging out in the bathroom with me while I bathed so I cut it short and we all went out for breakfast! I had 2 eggs, a sweet potato has and some homemade sausage. It did the trick, even though my hands were still shaking from the exhaustion of the WOD. Fun times all around!

I’m hoping to go yarn shopping BY MYSELF today. Maybe the fact that I have yarn for my next project will somehow make me knit the Froth Mobius faster. That thing is never ending and although it is for a special person, I am way over it!

I’ll leave you with some pictures I took with Béatrice yesterday while Rina was napping. Everybody is getting a cold in this household so we’ll just bunker in for Thanksgiving (in Canada) this weekend!



Family of big eyes!

Family of big eyes!

She is now pulling herself up to stand!

She is now pulling herself up to stand!

4 thoughts on “Tears of joy!

    • I’ve been crossfitting for almost 3 months and it was my 1st RX! I still have a lot of work to do, but progress is progress! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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