Warm Cinnamon Apples with Walnut Crumble

I had this for breakfast with a huge Honeycrisp apple and it was delicious! Give it a try!




Made this awesome little snack just a minute ago with an apple from our own garden! Love that! Love to make simple things that are still super yummy. So thumbs up! Been out all day with my mama and picking apples (we have 7 apple trees so it’s quite many apples to pick). The weather in Sweden right now is AMAZING. The colors outside are just pure beauty. So fallish. Can you say that? Hmm… Anyway this is a really easy snack to make if you want something fast, but at the same time makes your sweet tooth satisfied! Think I will make it again tonight! I mean it’s Saturday sooo. I will also see if I can go for a run. Maybe just a little short one, hopefully I’ll not die. I’m always a little bit scared for the first workout since you’ve been sick.. I mean HOW do…

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