Game On!

I know I’ve been quiet over the past few days, but I needed time for myself. Thanksgiving was quiet and I made things easy with a store-bought roasted chicken, stuffing in a box, gravy in a pack and homemade yams. It was just the four of us with Ben’s sister and she was sick too so the dinner was over early. I didn’t go to Crossfit on Monday. The girls have a cold and I had been up from 0300 on. I could have gone to Crossfit, but I probably would have done poorly and risk an injury, so I chose me instead. I stayed home with the girls and we had a rest day.

Last night, I had 3 of my girlfriends come over and we watched Hocus Pocus and talked shop (we all work together). It was nice to get some grown up interaction for once! The girls showed up with MASSIVE poutines, and tons of candy to snack on. I caved in and ate 1 little pack of Twizzlers and 2 little Reese’s. I really didn’t want to overdo it as I knew I had Crossfit in the morning!

I DID go this morning though and I was ready for some friendly competition!

Wednesday and Thursday this week we’ll be running the first Clash of the Classes competition.  Each class will complete the workouts shown at the bottom of the post and average their scores into a single score.  Each class will have their own scoreboard to write their scores on… so 6am Wednesday, you’re going to set the pace and each class after that will try to match it!

Any and all scalings count towards the class total – so choose the weight and difficulty that you would usually do (i.e. no sandbagging!) and get after it.  Cheer each other on and support each other, since every rep counts :).

And remember, this is all for FUN!!

I think Ben was even more competitive than I was because he was all gong-ho about taping my shins so I could perform well during the WOD! 🙂

Feeling slightly like a sausages-up pumpkin!

Feeling slightly like a sausaged-up pumpkin!

The tape is peeling up because I’ve had it on since last night and have since showered with it on. I’ll see how long it lasts. Ben’s favourite colour is orange and he taped me up. He was feeling artistic and I let him run with it! 😉 The worst part is, there was no running or rope skipping (both triggers for my shin splints) in the WOD today, so I wasn’t able to see if the taping made a difference.

For the skills, here were my back squats progression:

65#, 70#, 75#, 80#

80# was a new PR for me! Getting there slowly!

As for Part 1 of the WOD, I scored 44 (4 full rounds + 4 Thrusters). I was mad at myself because I overshot this one and started my thrusters at 45# and that became too heavy in my 2nd round, so I lost time taking the weights off the bar. I finished with only the 35# bar.

Part 2, was a bit better. I teamed up with Shela (she’s an amazing rower!) and managed to do the following splits on the erg: 2:11, 2:09 and 2:02 for a total calories burn of 44, which brings my score for this WOD at 88.Can’t wait to see how we fare compared to others! 🙂

All in all it was yet another fun WOD and I missed it! Glad to be back and looking forward to Friday! 🙂


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