Preschool Update

Sweet Rina,

Two days ago was our scheduled phone call update with your preschool teacher. Madame had mostly some positive points to say about you and she also mentioned some things that needed to be worked on. She said you were very, uhm, DETERMINED! You refuse to respond during roll call, when she asks you to clean up the toys, you turn your head away from her, nose up and cross your arms on your chest and totally ignore her. Ha! Did she think she was telling me anything new?!?

Where she called you determined, I would have said strong-willed or pig headed strong headed. I’m not disillusioned, the apple certainly didn’t fall far from the tree. Both Ben and I are stubborn strong minded and are pretty determined when we chose to be. Madame said that from September until now, she was observing the group, but from now on, she would be a little firmer in implementing the rules. I was happy to hear her say that her way of dealing with your “determination” was very similar with mine:  we both tell you there is something to do or a behaviour to change and that it’s not a choice. If there is no imminent change, you sit on a chair until you apologize or are ready to change the behaviour (usually 2-3 minutes!). It is very similar to the method I have adopted with you shortly before Béatrice was born and you were acting up. It is still an effective way to give you a “time out” as I don’t have to use it everyday. If I needed to use it multiple times/day, I would say it wasn’t effective and would look into a different approach, but so far so good!

I’m glad she isn’t out to “crush” your little independent spirit. You are your own person and I want you to be able to grow into a beautiful girl, independent and all. She just wants to make sure that your independent spirit is lead in the healthy direction it should be. It is nice to see that she got to know you and she said you are very caring with the other kids, share well (sometimes, too much. You always want to share your snacks and it’s not allowed at preschool) and your favourite time of the day at preschool is story time.  She painted a pretty accurate picture of who you are which made me feel even more comfortable in our choice of preschool for you.

Please, don’t ever change, my love. You are an amazing little girl and I love you just the way you are!

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Maman Xxo

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