Just how I like it!

Ben is back! He was gone to Vancouver again this past weekend and that meant another weekend by myself with the girls! It wasn’t anything new or super demanding, but whenever he comes home, my stress level goes down immediately. Just the thought of being ABLE to share parenting responsibilities is enough to calm me down. Kudos to all the single moms out there! I’m just glad to be reunited with my honey and have my family whole again! Just how I like it!

At the Box this morning:

Working on my Cleans was hard, hilarious and satisfying all at once. Having missed last Monday, I missed a class for the transition from a slow power clean into a squat and I was nervous about catching up. I fussed around with the 35# bar for a few reps before increasing my weights. I did my reps as follows: 40#, 45#, 50#, 55# and finally 60#. I will be honest and say that I fell on my butt a couple of times during my progressions. I’m so focused on keeping my weight on my heels, that sometimes, it is TOO MUCH on my heels and I tipped ass-over-tea-kettle a few times! 😉 No biggie, nothing to see here! I just got right back up and kept working on it! 🙂 Just how I like it!

The WOD was… something else! Ben had taped my shins again (still having a shin splint flare up) last night as I was planning to “run” the TG. “Run” is a strong word… More like wobble around, but I managed to do so unbroken again. I did the push press with only the 35# bar. I was pooped after the cleans and didn’t want to have to fuss with my weights mid-WOD. I think I could have managed with 40#. 35# was challenging, but I still had some juices left in me. The pull-ups were probably the hardest part of the WOD for me. It was my 1st time doing them with the red and blue band (instead of the green) and, let me tell you, THEY WERE HARD! Who knew progressing would make me feel like regressing all over again! I couldn’t do more than 4 in a row on my 1st set, 3 in a row in my 2nd set and finally my last set looked like this: 3-3-2-1. I still had to “run” 400m after all that. I swear I would have probably been faster had I walked, but I made it my goal to do the running unbroken. I managed to do so and finished with a time of 11:40. Just how I like it!

I came back home to 3 loads of laundry, cleaning the bedrooms, living room and bathroom. While I was changing the bed sheets on Ben and I’s bed, my sciatic pain started acting up and it sent a pang of heat all the way down my butt and thighs. I decided to lie down on my bed to let the “cramp” pass and I may or may not have taken a nap doing so! 🙂 I think I was out for 20-30 mins before Ben and Rina came to find me! I guess I needed a power nap after giving it my all at the box this morning!

Only one more load of laundry to dry and fold and then I’ll be able to relax when the girls nap. Just how I like it!

2 thoughts on “Just how I like it!

  1. GREAT JOB!! Haha i fell on my butt on Saturday during Oly lifting..but I fell very slowly..as in, I caught the bar so freaking low (my butt was an inch from the ground) and i couldn’t get up..so i slowly sat down….slowly laid down…then pressed the bar up over my head. the coach was laughing his butt off and said it was the most controlled fail he’d ever seen

    • Hey! If you’re gonna go down, do so in style and grace! Coach came to see me after one of my falls and said: “thought you had this, you looked good” I was half expecting him to say WTF! Lol! I said: “yeah, too much on my heels”. At least, I know my mistakes, right?!?

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