Goals and A** Kicking

I didn’t blog about the WOD yesterday because I have a pretty bad cold and I had absolutely no energy yesterday to blog about it. My day was spent praying for 1900 (the girls’ bedtime) and trying to remain somewhat human through chills, hot flashes, bone aches sore throat, ear ache and no voice. Rina is sick too and although Béa was fine yesterday, she’s starting to have a runny nose and coughing as well… I slept a whole 7hrs last night (that’s a long time for me!) and the girls “slept in” (Rina only woke up at 0630 and Béa, her usual 0730). I still don’t have much of a voice today, but I’m feeling a whole lot better!

I did go to the BOX yesterday for the 0600 class (I wasn’t yet feeling like crap and my rule is, if your illness is above the neck (sore throat, stuffy nose, etc), you’re good to workout. When it goes below the neck (chest cough, upset stomach, etc), stay home). It was a tough one and I did ok considering I was sick. I really wanted to go because we are starting to work on another one of my goals: Pistol Squats! I didn’t know what to expect when it comes to Pistols and I now know I won’t be accomplishing that goal anytime soon, but it’s something else to work on!



I managed well with the Pistol off the 20″ box but didn’t do so well with the help of a band. When it came time for the WOD, I was teamed up with Tracey and Shela and Shela and I were going to try from 5×45# plates stacked up (I would say about 16″) and I couldn’t do them, so I went back to the 20″ box.



Source That always makes me laugh because it’s so true!

We ended up with a score of 649 and we all modified accordingly to our own strength (Tracey is still working on recovery for her knee and Shela and I are still very much newbies!)

Here’s what my personal score looked like:

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 8.17.16 AM

The Row part killed me. I was having a hard time breathing and those floor to overhead plates were HEAVY! I kept thinking I was lifting Rina over my head (she’s 27#)! Not too bad though and at least, I go my 3 WODs in this week! 🙂

I have also been nominated for the Liebster Award and I’ve been working on the post since I was nominated, but I probably won’t get it done until tomorrow because Mamie (my mom) arrives today for 2 weeks! I’m so happy I’ll get to spend some time with her! 🙂





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