Progression in Regression

After a fun weekend on the oceanfront and a much better night of sleep, I showed up to the Box for my beloved 0600 class this morning. I’m still coughing and my sinuses are still doing some funky drunken debauchery, but it’s been over a week now, so I felt like I could probably go and “throw down”! (HA!)

Kelsey isn’t nice at all. I scaled it down to the TG and even then, I was struggling. I had to stop to catch my breath, cough, blow my nose and break down the reps in sets of 5-6 max. It felt like forever and I felt like I did back in August when I first started Crossfit: Absolutely no lung capacity whatsoever. At one point, I was beating myself up with my inner dialogue that was going something like this:

Jesus Fu** (Favorite swear words) this sucks! I can’t even do one set of movements without breaking it down into sets. Might as well re-register for the OnRamp! Come on, you’re only doing 2 rounds, keep pushing, screw your cold. One more rep, you’re one more rep closer to the finish.  Keep pushing, finish your 2 rounds.

I did not feel proud to finish in 16:08. I took so many breaks, it was almost sad. I am so weak in my shoulders, I even had to take 2 breaks and stretch my neck and shoulders as my right trapeze was slowly seizing. Yes, it was that bad! Even worst, I was only using the training bar + 10# (which I think comes up to 20# total) and I subbed the DU for 46 single skips.

At the same time, I was sort of proud that I did all my box jumps Rx (no stepping up) and same with my burpees (no granny-style for me). It is something I wouldn’t have been able to do back in August. I guess I made progress even though it felt like “1 step forward, 40 steps back” today. I just need to get over this cold STAT so I can keep progressing (or at least, performing) like I’m used to. Then again, I can do this multiple times a day and I credit Crossfit for it:

Crossfit pays off! Carrying both girls at once!

Crossfit pays off! Carrying both girls at once!

I came back home to do some cleaning and laundry and thanks to Mamie distracting the girls, I was done earlier than usual and I was able to go get my flu shot. Keeping my fingers crossed it won’t make things worst for me and my current cold!

2 thoughts on “Progression in Regression

  1. You sound SO MUCH like me! You get down on yourself for crazy things like breaking a workout down into sets and having to stretch during it when you are in pain. I do that too. But you have to remember you had a cold. Your respiratory system wasn’t at its best. And you are being too dang hard on yourself! A lot of people don’t even get off their couch, let alone CrossFit like you. So take the lessons from this and then move on. I am sure your next WOD was much better 🙂

    • It’s true, I need to focus more on what I have accomplished since I began Crossfit, instead of what I still can’t do. I just felt like poop that I was done and everybody else was still plucking through the WOD. Thanks for reminding me of being proud of what I can do! 🙂

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