A Breakthrough?!? (Possibly, Maybe…)

Yesterday was a rough day. Both Rina and I suffered from a resurgence in our coughing fit and the poor Monkey didn’t fall asleep until late because I was debating whether to give her some Kids 0-9 or not (I did and I slapped a thick coat of Vicks Vapo-Rub on her as well). I was managed to do just fine hacking away and I think it might have been due to my flu shot on Monday, but I’m slowly feeling better today and keeping my fingers crossed I will pull through this nasty beast cold sometime soon.


I had a look at the WOD last night and it was one I did back in September so I knew I could do it and it was somehow comforting to know and, therefore, I showed up at 0600 for this:


Ahhh Snatches… Anything that has to do with shoulder and arm strength, I never look forward to, but it’s only because that’s where I need to improve so much more. Give me squats any day and I’ll be a happy camper… Snatches are a different story. Although, my husband really likes when I talk about my snatches at Crossfit, but that’s for another day! 😉

I did my reps as follows: 35#-40#-45#-45#-50#

I was speaking with Coach Caleb about how I feel so weak in the arms/shoulders and he said that I was doing progress as I could barely lift the training bar before. I, again, was reminded to focus on my accomplishments and not on what I still can’t achieve. I just need to keep in mind to finish with a narrower landing. I have a tendency to land wide and I need to correct that.

For the WOD, we were 11 this morning, so I was with Jumana and we were the “team of 2”. We finished with a total score of 492.5. There was some math involved since we were only 2 (had to divide our total score by 2 then multiply it by 3 in order to get a similar score to the other teams of 3. I think we did ok considering we’re both short (it hurts us on the erg) and I’m still hacking away like a chain-smoker of 20 years.

On the positive side, I stepped on the scale this morning and I was surprised to see 153.4lbs. I’ve been stuck at 155lbs for well over a month and I had to step twice on the scale to make sure… I’m not counting this as a victory just yet as my weight fluctuates a lot, but I was happy to seed I’d broken through 155lbs for today! 🙂

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