I read the WOD last night and I felt like wimping out of it. I decided against it as I might only be able to go to Crossfit twice this week instead of 3x.

I am still sore from last Friday’s WOD, so I was dreading this one. I showed up for the 0700 class and we were 7 (1 team of 3 and 2 teams of 2).

I was paired up with Ethelwyn and we decided to do our own versions of it. I ended up doing a modification of the FG:

  1. 6 box sled pushes
  2. 400m walk with a 14# wall ball (I walked 200m uphill and jogged 200m downhill)
  3. 30 burped box step-ups
  4. 400m walk with a 20# wall ball (I walked 200m uphill and jogged 200m downhill)

The 1st casualty carry felt too light and that’s why I went with the 20# ball the second time around, although I probably could have went up to 25# (no different from carrying the girls)! We finished in 21:10

As we started the warm-up, I could see the beautiful sunrise through the garage door windows of the Box: the sky was on fire with pinks, yellows and oranges. It was really pretty. I felt lucky to be able to witness such beauty while working out. 

During the WOD, I kept thinking about my Grand-Papa Marc and it helped me push through. He was in the 2nd World War and he only ever talked about it once to my brother and I. He passed away in 1998. My brother has his metal helmet from the war, I have the rosary he carried with him at all times and his Legion béret. I am very thankful for his services for his country and for all army personel, whether they did a tour in action or are working desk jobs. Canada is a wonderful peaceful country and I have many cousins and family members who were military (some still are) at some points of their lives. I have been lucky enough to never have witnessed war first-hand and I thank all those who have dedicated their lives to defend our country (and other ones as well).

Lest we forget.

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