My Hands Hurt!

Finally! I went to bed around 2230 last night and after a small meltdown from Béatrice at 2330, I slept right through until 0450 this morning. Sleep is a beautiful thing! 🙂 Speaking of sleep, I am IN LOVE with my pillow:

Mayukori Buckwheat Groat pillow Source

Mayukori Buckwheat Groat pillow

I bought mine a little over a year ago and I look forward to resting my head on that pillow EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT! Well worth the investment. I also bought one for Rina a month about 2 months ago and she’s still adjusting to sleeping with a pillow. I have to admit though, I don’t use the cover my pillow came with, I just modified our own pillow covers with a few stitches on the sewing machine and it works perfectly! 😉

This morning’s WOD:

Captain Coach Kirk was filling in for Coach Caleb (who is away on holidays) this morning. It was nice to have him coach me again (he was my coach for the OnRamp class). Why is the Power Snatch + OH Squat so freakin’ hard? I consider myself pretty good at squatting (hehe!), but this was such a struggle! Here are my reps:

40#-45#-Failed 50# so I scaled back to 45#-45#-45#

I actually fell on my butt attempting the 50#. I felt horrible because I dropped the bar too and it didn’t have a big plate on it, just the little ones. It was the bar or my back, so I chose to protect my back and let go of the bar. I guess it’s another goal to work up to!

For the WOD, we had done this one back in September and my time was 6:35, but I had only done 4 rounds of 12 wall ball (10#) and 8 pull ups with green band.

Today I did the FG with 4 rounds of 12 wall ball (14#) and 10 pull-ups (green and purple band) and I finished in 8:48. I was slower today, but I increased my weights and reps, so I’ll take it! Progress is progress, even if it feels like regressing sometimes!

I came back home and my hands were BURNING from the pull-ups! I have some calluses, but for some reason, they were on fire when I came back home. Maybe it’s because I forgot to chalk up before the WOD? I’ll just moisturize them today.

Since Rina didn’t have her ballet classes today, I was able to book a haircut appointment and I’m very pleased with the result. I got some layers done so my curls are just a little crazier than usual, but I love it! 😉

Wavy 'do!

Wavy ‘do!

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