Fool Me Once…

Remember on Monday when I was so angry about our new nanny not showing up for her 1st shift? Well, after discussing it with Ben and Mamie, I decided to give her another chance. She came on Tuesday for a couple of hours and although she wasn’t really focusing on what I was telling her, she was great with the girls. She was supposed to come back today at 1030, to watch Béatrice while I picked up Rina from pre-school.

While Béa was napping, I was sitting at the desk (facing the window) in our living room while working on the computer and at one point, I noticed a car stopping briefly in front of the house with a man and a woman inside. I thought it was my nanny being driven by her boyfriend, but then the car continued down the street. I kept working on the computer. Our street is a dead end and I never saw the car come back out again, so I thought it was weird as 1030 was fast approaching and still no sign of the nanny. 1045, I called her house (remember, she doesn’t have a cell phone) and left a message saying she was late (again!) and to call me back ASAP. I woke up Béa, gave her a bottle and got her ready to go as I thought the nanny wasn’t going to show up and I needed to leave soon to pick up Rina.

Just as I was pulling out of the driveway (Béa with me in the car), the strange car was coming back from the end of the street and the nanny gets out. It was now 1105. I rolled down my window:

Me: (Nanny’s name), you were supposed to be here at 1030.

Nanny: No, I had that I was supposed to be here between 1030 and 1100.

Me: No, Nanny, you were supposed to be here at 1030. I said to you on Tuesday to be here at 1030 and we have it as 1030 in the Google Calendar we share with you as well. (really, you’re gonna argue with me at what time I need childcare??? I didn’t say that, but it must have shown on my face)

Nanny: No, I had between 1030 and 1100.

Me: Well, I’m really sorry, but I have to go pick up Rina, otherwise, I get fined if I’m late. We can talk about this later, but for now, I HAVE to go. (Seriously girl!)

WTF people?!? That girl is 27 years old and she still doesn’t have her sh** together. People who know me will tell you I’m pretty type A and can be rigid. One of the things I’m rigid on is punctuality. I would never have told her she could start “between 1030 and 1100” because that’s just not how I roll. You start at a specific time and you finish at a specific time too! Bad enough that she didn’t show up AT ALL on Monday, now she pulls that crap on me today. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! I guess I won’t be able to go to Crossfit tomorrow after all.  😦

Finding a reliable and trustworthy nanny is tremendously difficult and frustrating. There’s a lot of power that you have to let go of and there is a lot of trust involved: this stranger comes into your house to take care of your children. I don’t know about you, but I like my privacy and having someone free to roam in my house is somewhat uncomfortable at times. Moreover, I have to trust you to care, love and protect my girls when I’m away. When you don’t show up or show up late twice in the same week, it doesn’t make me want to trust you. AT ALL!

I called Nanny when I came back home and got her machine (what a surprise)! I left a message close to this

Hi Nanny, it’s Val. Sorry about this morning, but it was very clear that you were expected to be here at 1030. Obviously, this isn’t going to work out for our family. Don’t bother showing up tomorrow (Duh!), I won’t need your services anymore from now on. You need to be a little more punctual and have your things more in order for what we need and it just won’t work out. You can call me if you want to discuss this any further, but I won’t change my mind about not needing your services. Good luck with your future endeavours.

What I’d like to know is what in the world was she doing parked down the street for 45mins with her boyfriend? Now, I’m getting all paranoid that they were scouting the house and checking to see when I would leave…

I’m gonna go find a new project to screw up knit as my current one is on hiatus for now. What a lovely day this is turning out to be! 😉

2 thoughts on “Fool Me Once…

  1. Val….Did she have any references or past experience? What were their past experiences with her. She sounds very sketchy and I would be very concerned about where she was for 45 minutes in that car with her boyfriend. UGH! I feel your pain. We must have gone through 10 sitters in our lifetime with both our sons. It was never easy and I was always more relieved when either Len or I could stagger our work schedules so that we were the ones at home with the boys. Hang in there. When you find a good one, hang on to her/him!!!!!

    • Hi Marilyn! She did have references and we checked them out. They were all positive, except for one. I guess it’s a learning opportunity for us at the same time, although I wish we didn’t have to learn the hard way. Plenty of fishes in the sea and our quest continues! If I could stay at home and care for the girls, I would! In the meantime, I’ll keep buying lottery tickets with hopes of winning big! 😉

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