Knitting Help! Unravel no more!

I was so happy yesterday as I finally knitted my 100″ of stockinette stitches for the Froth Mobius! I have been working on that project since July 27!!! It has been a very long process of stolen knitting moments when the girls are in bed or when Ben takes them out to allow me some free time!

I started on the intentional dropped stitches yesterday and after doing one side uneventfully, I thought I would be golden for the other one. I guess it was too good to be true. As I started to unravel my 3rd out of 4 stitches to unravel, it stopped unravelling about half-way through. I guess I twisted a stitch in the building of the Mobius and now, my intentional dropped stitch won’t drop any further.

AAAargh! Unravel no more!

Aaargh! Unravel no more!

Is there any way to salvage this at all? I feel so defeated after having worked for so long on that lace project to not finish it.


I have asked for help on Ravelry as well, and I would be willing to go to Beehive to ask for help there as well, but I have a feeling it’s something that I won’t be able to fix. My heart is crumpling at the thought of not being able to fix it because

  1. I’ve been working on this for over 3 months
  2. It was intended to be gifted to Mamie

Keeping my fingers crossed someone comes to my rescue sooner rather than later!

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