No Excuses!

Ben is away again and after yesterday’s ordeal, we are nanny-less again. I had resigned myself to miss Crossfit because I had nobody to watch the girls… UNTIL I read the Box’s blog last night! Wait a minute! The WOD doesn’t require a bar or a box and we have a 25#KB at home! Golden! I can just take the girls to the playground, plop them in the sand while I WOD my butt off around them! Yay! 🙂

I obviously couldn’t do the Skill part of today’s class, but I could very well do the WOD! I was determined to get it done this morning even though, when I woke up, it was raining, cold and windy.

I swear, it must have taken me 40 mins to get the girls ready (not an easy feat trying to squeeze all those little body parts in so many layers in order for them to stay warm in the cold rain!) and another 20 mins to walk there, pushing Béa with the Kettlebell in the stroller while Rina held my hand and walked, slowly, beside me…

We finally arrived at the playground and I plopped the girls in the sand and started the MapMyRun App on my phone to have my distances logged in (and timer as well). I probably could have Rx’d the distances and the rounds, but I was cutting it close with Béatrice’s nap time, so I decided to go TG (better than nothing).

Haven't started yet and I already feel miserable...

Haven’t started yet and I’m wet and cold!

I managed to do the 1st 450m run and 1 round of HR push-ups and RKBS before Béatrice had an epic fit. I guess cold and wet sand had lost its appeal and she wanted back in the stroller. I paused my timer and put her back in to the stroller with her toys and blanket. I put the rain cover back on the stroller to protect her from the rain and picked up the KB for my 2nd round. The good thing about doing hand-release push-ups in the park when it’s raining is that you don’t pause for too long on the ground because you get soaked and it’s freezing! Made me get through those push-ups without any pause! The bad thing about doing HR push-ups at the playground is you end up with sand everywhere: on your face, in your hair, in your mouth, on your clothes… Sand everywhere!

Perils of doing HR pushups at the playground when it's raining outside: wet belly and leg and sand everywhere!

Perils of doing HR pushups at the playground when it’s raining outside: wet belly and leg and sand everywhere!

Please, excuse the glow of my pasty legs in the above picture… I don’t fake tan! 😉

I then took off for my 250m run and I could hear Béatrice howling expressing her discontent in the stroller, despite Rina trying to keep her entertained. I did my 2nd rounds of RKBS and HR push-ups and took off quickly for the last 250m run. I just wanted to be done so I could come back home, put Béa down for her nap and warm up a bit.

My crying and cheering squad!

My crying and cheering squad!

I finished with a time of 12:31 and I realized I hadn’t stopped during the running parts! Yay for me! I packed everybody up and amazingly enough, Rina didn’t complain to come back home and she held my hand the whole way back! 🙂 I had to take a celebratory selfie after this little adventure. Unbeknownst to me, my face and nose were full of sand and my glasses were foggy from me sweating it up in the cold rain.

Goofy face, foggy glasses and sand on my nose. What more can a Crossfit Mama want?!?

Goofy face, foggy glasses and sand on my nose. What more can a Crossfit Mama want?!?

Laundry is getting done, Béatrice is napping, I’m all warmed up in my sweat pants after a quick hot bath and I have a nanny lined up for an interview this afternoon. If anybody would like to call me SuperMama, for today only, I will answer to that moniker! 😉

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