Surprise, Surprise!

It was nice to be back at the Box this morning. I know I only missed one day, but I can certainly feel it in my mood when I don’t get my usual dose of torture endorphins. It just goes to show that making Crossfit a priority is good not only for me, but for everyone around me; I’m just more patient with the girls when I get to blow off some steam at the box! 😉


For the skill section, I stuck with the TG (35#) because I still can’t do the whole Squat Snatch. I did Power Squats and I felt better towards the last sets. It was tiring though and I was wondering how I was supposed to go through the WOD after that. I just had to be reminded to do everything 1 set at a time and 1 minute at a time (Thanks Tracey!) 🙂

We were all surprised to see Burpee Box Jumps in the WOD as we had all misread that the WOD was just burpees. (Ha! Just burpees! I can’t believe I just wrote that! 😉 )

I also looked like the smartie-pants at the Box this morning as I got to bring out my latin to explain that the title of the WOD was a play on the latin expression Vox Populi (meaning the people’s voice). That’s what you get for going to an all-girls catholic high school and having to take 2 years of mandatory Latin classes! I may sound smart, but sometimes, I sure don’t feel it! More power to the Mommy-Brain!

I also did the TG version for the WOD and I scaled my AKBS to 18# as it was my 1st time doing them. I probably should have stuck to the 26# though or done the Rx number of reps. I finished this one in 6:24, but felt like I should have kept going for some reason. I never know if I should take these WODs as a sign that I didn’t work out hard enough or as a sign that I am getting slightly fitter… Probably the former!

I came back home and had to let Ben in on the surprise I have for him. I needed to tell him to hurry after his 5pm lesson and shower quickly as I am kidnapping him for the evening. I have arranged it with the other squash pro from the club so that I can take Ben out for his Christmas present. He wanted to know what we are going to do so I told him: we’re going to see Stuart McLean! He’s a great story-teller and he has a radio show on the CBC. Ben made me discover him when we first started dating and we used to listen to him on Sunday mornings while slowly sipping coffee and having quiet breakfasts (pre-kiddos days, obviously)! We always talked about how it would be nice to go see him and I know he is usually in town around the holidays. I looked him up online and planned it a little over a month ago. It took a bit of logistics: making sure I could kidnap Ben, making sure the other pro could fill-in for him, securing a sitter for the evening and actually purchasing the tickets. It all fell into place and, for once, I think Ben is genuinely happy about his present! Not only do we get to go see Stuart McLean, but we also get a date night out of it! Double Yay for me!

I can’t wait for tonight. Hopefully, I’ll be able to stay awake for the show. I didn’t think about that last little bit when I booked the tickets. A late night on a day I go to Crossfit… That should be a challenge in itself! 😉

2 thoughts on “Surprise, Surprise!

  1. Burpee box jumps are rough – and haha, just burpees 🙂
    Are you finishing the workouts kind of in the middle of the pack, or really fast? Figuring out scaling options can be tough; I’ve had some workouts where I’ve been one of the first to finish (something that should not be happening, haha) and so I’d get to the final few reps and think well, no way I should be finishing in the same time as all these beastmode people around me. And then I started focusing more on scaling…but still have days where it’s scaled too much or too little :\ Anyway, I guess my point is…it’s so individualized…and takes time to figure out..and even then you never realllly know if it was right, you know? There are some good tips in this article though –
    And I totally agree on having a different mood after a missed day :\ it’s just not the same!

    • For this one, I finished way ahead of the pack (which really shouldn’t happen either)! It is hard to guess-timate how heavy to go. I try to go according to what I do when we work on skills and lighten up the weight a bit. I did read this article a few weeks ago. Some days you feel like you could have gone heavier, some days you feel like you should have gone lighter. It is hard to judge, but in the end, getting out there and moving beats staying home on the couch and, to me, that’s all that matters! 🙂

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