On My Needles

As promised (but a bit late), here’s a post about what’s on my needles right now:

My version of Tristan by Drops Design for the hubster. It looks like I’m done on the pic below, but I’m only about 50% done. I just have a small head and managed to take a picture so it would give the illusion of the hat being complete. It’s supposed to be in Merino Superwash, but being limited in my finances lately, I went with Loops & Thread Elegance in Leopard. It is acrylic and washable, very soft and very stretchy. I doubt it will keep the hubby’s noggin’ warm as it is a bit on the thin side, but he will look stylish!

Excuse the fresh, non-made-up face, it's late and I've washed up for the night! :)

Excuse the fresh, non-made-up face, it’s late and I’ve washed up for the night! 🙂

I also have a Super Easy Blanket (I’ve chosen to do the blanket size) casted on and I’m also making good progress on this one too! I am making this one in Lion Brand Hometown USA (in Cleveland Brown) and I scored a major deal on the yarn paying just a little above $45 CAN for 14 skeins of it! If you’re used to making blankets, you know they add up pretty quickly. Although this yarn was cheap, it is surprisingly soft and both machine wash and dry! All bonuses in my book! I’d say I,m about 20% done on the blanket. The pattern is easy enough with a mix of knit and purl stitches, but I love how the combination of the stitches gives such a nice texture to the blanket.

Surprisingly soft!

Surprisingly soft!

I love the different textures in this blanket

I love the different textures in this blanket

There you have it! I have now become one of those knitters who works multiple projects at once and I have to say, it keeps things interesting. I work on one project in the afternoon when the girls are napping and switch to the other one in the evening when they are in bed for the night. After having worked solely on the Froth Mobius since July, it is nice to be plodding through these smaller projects. I know I should be trying to salvage the Mobius, but I just cannot stand to even look at it for now, so the break of the new projects is more than welcomed! 🙂

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