The past 3 days have been insanely busy!

After Crossfit last Friday, Ben took the girls to Costco while I went to buy Rina’s last birthday present. I took the opportunity of being by myself at the mall to browse for clothes, thinking if I could find a cute little Christmas outfit, I would buy it. Well, I did! I found a cute little knit dress and a wonderful, long knitted cardigan, all for under $100. Score!

Saturday, we had a little family Christmas photo shoot and after a lot of sweat (me) and tears (Rina), everybody was dressed nice and ready to hit the road to go get our pictures taken. Came back home and celebrated the girls’ birthdays (they were born on the same day, 2 years apart. Rina turned 3 and Béa turned 1) until bedtime. I don’t think BeZU had any idea of what was going on, but she sure enjoyed the cake! Rina, on the other hand, was totally into it and had so much fun opening her presents and playing with her new toys!

Sunday, we had pancakes at home and decided to see if we could get the girls’ picture with Santa. After waiting for about 45 mins, it was our turn. At first, Rina wanted nothing to do with the bearded man and I wasn’t about to force her to do it, so I plopped Béa on him and they took a few pictures. After a few minutes, she was starting to get upset so I picked her up and reviewed the pictures with the photographer. While doing so, Santa managed to bribe Rina with some tummies and I took advantage of this by plopping Béa back on his lap and took the typical Christmas picture: Rina looks traumatized (in a deer stuck in headlights kinda way) and Béa is crying at the top of her lungs! A wonderful holiday tradition has thus begun! I’m supposed to go pick up the picture later today, I might postpone it until tomorrow.

Both girls now have a cold, so it was another short night before Crossfit this morning:

I managed to do all my back squats at 85#, but I was struggling on the 3rd rep of each set. I need to make sure I don’t go out of the squat “stripper-style” when it gets hard. The husband asked me over the weekend which lifting shoes I wanted, so I think I will get some for Christmas! 🙂 I’m sure it would help with my squats as I start going heavier.

I had done the WOD previously (back in September) and I was paired up with a young pup which whom I couldn’t keep up with. I think today was a more accurate time as I was paired up with Gorgeous Hair (aka Jumana). I know I slowed her down with my wall balls, but it wasn’t so bad since we finished with a time of 18:39 (17:27 back in September). I just wish I could increase the weight on the wall balls, but they truly are my nemeses. I did manage to do FG with 20x 10# for every rep.

I will leave you with a  few pics of Rina and Béa on their birthdays!

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