Just Another Day In My BabyMama Life!

Rina woke up at 0500 this morning. I was pooped and stayed in bed while she went to the washroom and I didn’t think about it until 0530. It was too quiet in the house and Rina wasn’t in bed with us…

I got up and found her in the washroom, at the sink, with the faucet running and trying to wash her hands. Upon taking a closer look, I discovered that her hands and fingers were covered in a multitude of shades of nail polish. The sink was also painted with those same colors as was the countertop and a bit had gone onto one of Ben’s sweaters that he had left in the washroom the night before… Great! I spent the next 20 mins trying to was her hands, the sink and countertop with nail polish remover. When I was done, the entire house smelt like nail polish remover. Bleh! I took her to bed with us and slept for about 30 mins before getting up for the day.

After my morning shower, I was looking for my glasses. They weren’t where I usually leave them. Weird… I asked Rina if she had taken them and she pointed to the glasses case that I keep on the countertop and said:

I put them in the box, Mama!

Huh! She has never touched or played with my glasses before so I was suspicious. I unzipped the case and found my glasses, covered with nail polish! AWE-SOME!

I managed to remove all of it with nail polish remover, but now, the lenses are a bit cloudy… I guess the remover must have altered some of the anti-reflection treatment on the lenses…

After breakfast, I was trying to send an email to my mom when the Mac Spinning Ball of Death kept appearing on my computer screen. The more I tried to do things on my computer, the more the ball would spin and the applications would crash. I panicked. I have all of the girls pictures since their births on my computer and have NEVER. BACKED. THEM. UP! A few days ago, I realized we didn’t have ANY pictures of Beatrice’s birth. That’s because Ben had them on his previous computer (whose hard drive also died on him) and we lost them when the computer went kaput! Thank goodness my mom had copies of them and shared them back with us through Dropbox! I had just gotten the pictures back, I wasn’t gonna lose them so quickly! Time to bring out my external hard drive and get to work before my hard drive died on me. I managed to rescue everything and Ben left for work with my computer with hopes of being able to fix it without me having to buy a new one. I wouldn’t mind a new MacBook, but I can’t afford one right now.

You don’t realize how much you use your laptop until you don’t have it anymore. Looking up a recipe, printing out a knitting pattern, sending emails, blogging. Thank goodness I still have my iPad and the wireless keyboard!

The rest of the day was spent dealing with mega tantrums (Rina) and feeling defeated by my knitting. It seems every project I’ve started lately doesn’t go my way and now that I have well over a foot of my Easy Blanket done, I have to start over from scratch as I’ve made a mistake somewhere and I’ve spent the last 3 days trying to fix it without success. I’ll just start over and hopefully, it will go seamlessly! To add to my distress, I know I will have to miss Crossfit tomorrow as Ben is flying out for the weekend on an early flight. Anyone reading willing to volunteer to come watch the girls at 0530 so I can go to my beloved 0600 class?!?

On the bright side of things, we have hired a new nanny and she has been coming in a few days a week to figure out the ropes of our house and the girls. She is doing a good job and I’m quite pleased with her! She came in tonight to do the evening routine (dinner, bath and bedtime), which means this Mama was able to bathe by herself! The luxury I tell you! It also means that I’m sitting in the livingroom, typing away while the girls are being bathed. Double treat for me!

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