Better Way to End the Day

I was just making my way to the bath tub when my landlord’s son (the one doing the renos since May) knocks on my door and asks me to move my car from the driveway so he can unload some building material. I grab my key and make my way outside, all the while thinking: “Add that to the list of annoyances!”

As my landlord’s son walks behind me, he asks:

Have you been working out? It shows!

Yay! All this hard work is starting to pay off and people are noticing too! Now, if I could just get me some sleep, life would be golden!

5 thoughts on “Better Way to End the Day

  1. I had an older woman at church come up to me the other day and tell me “looks like all that baby weight is gone. Good job.” She’s been the only one to notice/say something.

    • I do Crossfit for myself, primarily, but it’s always nice when someone (other than my hubby) gives me a compliment on my body shape or how I look. I went into work over the weekend to drop something off for a co-worker and one co-worker said I looked great! It was nice to hear!

  2. Good for you! I wasnt doing Crossfit but I had finally started workig out for awhile. That got side tracked when I started writing again. It’s so hard to find a balance with everything. Hopefully once the New Year starts I can at least get back to working out on the bike or treadmill a couple times a week…..

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