This has to end!

Last night, I took a Mama’s night out. It was the Box’s Christmas party and my wonderful sister-in-law offered to watch the girls so I could go (seeing as Ben was away for the weekend). I had a good time at the party and figured out a few things about myself while there:

  • I’m not a heels kinda girl (I think I too my heels off about 20 mins after I arrived at the party and just walked around barefoot!)
  • I don’t like my perfume anymore. After not having worn it for over a year, I put some on last night and it totally annoyed me for the whole evening 😦

I came back home about 10 minutes before Ben did and I was really happy he was home. I went to bed about 1hr later and I was ready for a good long night of sleep. Béa, however had a different plan. She woke up at 0130 and after a diaper change, I tried to rock her to sleep with lame results. I usually give her a bottle to help her fall back asleep, but I’m trying to break that cycle. She’s 1 and definitely doesn’t need to be having a bottle in the middle of the night. She fell back asleep until 0230. Meanwhile, I didn’t sleep because hubster was gently snoring the night away next to me. We both got up, tried to give Béa some Acetaminophen for her teething and wished she’d go back to sleep. She did until 0330. Again, I didn’t sleep and the hubby complained that he hadn’t slept either (Errrr, what were you doing snoring next to me then?!?) I caved in, gave her a bottle and she finally went back to sleep. I felt so defeated. Am I going to have to give her a bottle until she’s 5?!? Meanwhile, I can’t really keep on running on fumes like I’ve been doing when I go back to work. Little lives will depend on what’s left of my sharp mind! I’ll be completely honest and say that I’m sometimes jealous of the hubby. He goes away a lot on the weekends for work, but HE GETS TO SLEEP! He was telling me he had slept for 10hrs in one night over the weekend! 10 HOURS! I think the last time I slept 10hrs was January 2009!

I decided to go to Crossfit anyway, to try to chase the grumpiness away.

I had never done the Back Squat 5×5, but I had done 5×3 so I was aiming at a little higher weight than I did for the 5×3. It worked! I PR’d with 90# (my progression: 70-75-80-85-90). Getting close to the 3-digits back squat! 🙂

We then teamed up for the WOD. Since there was only 5 of us (and I was the only woman), I paired up with Josh and Peter. Josh and I added our scores, then averaged them and added that to Peter’s score. We finished with a total of 138, but I did improve my personal reps. From 62 in September to 71 today. Not too bad! 2 PRs today! 🙂

Came back home and although I was proud of myself for my accomplishments, I got a little frustrated. The landlord (lives upstairs) always decides to vacuum when it’s nap time for the girls. Not that she knows when the girls nap, but I’ve had enough. Enough of the inconvenient vacuuming, enough with them running loads of laundry until 2200 when they’ve been home all day, enough of the confined living space, enough of the absolute zero access to outside living this year (as they are still not done with the renos that started at the beginning of May!) Hopefully, next summer, we’ll move to something that is better suited for us (or at least, my inner peace)! As you can see, Crossfit didn’t manage to chase away the grumps in me. 😦

I am thanking my lucky star I had the foresight to book Nanny for this afternoon. She will watch Béa while I go to Rina’s 1st Christmas Dance Recital. I hope it won’t be too disastrous as she’ll have to skip her afternoon nap… Nanny will be staying to help out with dinner, bath time and bedtime too which is probably a great idea considering I might be tired at that time after sleeping for only 3 1/2 hours! Hurray for good planning!

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