Christmas WOD aka Screaming Rudolph

I read the Box’s blog last night and I knew I should be bracing myself for today’s WOD. Heck, the warmup felt like a WOD!

I totally wimped out for the warm-up and used the training bar (about 15#, but I’m not sure). I just wanted to save my energy for the skill and the WOD. To be honest, I’m not sure I could have done the push-press with an empty 35# bar…

For the skill, I was aiming for a new PR of 95#, but on my 90# rep, my form left a little bit to be desired, so I stayed at 90#. Not a new PR, but it has been my max so it’s not like I failed either! 😉 Here were my reps:


For the WOD, I was paired up with Amrit and Kevin. There were 6 of us that showed up this morning and, once again, I was the only girl, while 2 out-of-towners showed up and someone else who usually comes later in the day. Coach Caleb split us up in two teams of 3 (the usual 0600 class against the “newcomers”). We finished with a total combined score of 638 (my contribution was 175 or 27% of our total score. Not too bad, but not quite 1/3 f our score which is where I’d like to be. Mind you, my partners are STRONG LIKE OX, so I can’t really complain for my share).

I modified with 25# Plate Floor to Overhead and 21# KB Goblet walking lunges.

The lunges killed me. I was grunting and screaming to get through my last set like I never have before. The last time I screamed in pain like this was during my delivery of Béatrice into this world. It was that bad! It just felt like everything today was focused on hamstrings and glutes and my glutes were seizing by the time we were done with the WOD. I have never been so happy to roll my butt and sit on a Lacrosse ball in my entire life! There is no Crossfit on Wednesday as it’s Christmas and I was pretty keen on going Thursday AND Friday to make up for Wednesday, but judging by how sore my glutes already are, I might need the rest! Now, I have to go clean half the apartment and let’s just say I’m glad my mother-in-law has offered to make chill for dinner tonight! 🙂

If I don’t blog until then, Merry Christmas to all my readers. It is a pleasure to know I am not alone in this and, please, leave comments; I love to hear from you all! 🙂

From my family to yours, may you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!

From my family to yours, may you have a very Merry Christmas with your loved ones!


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