To Rina

My Sweet Rina,

Today I won’t get to see you like I normally have for the past 14 months. You see, today, I have to go back to work full-time. The past 14 months have been some of the most challenging months of my life, but they also have been the most rewarding and fulfilling because I got to spend them with you and your sister.

You have changed tremendously over the past year and it has been pure bliss to watch you grow into the person you are now today. You keep growing and evolving everyday and it never ceases to amaze me to see you become your own individual.

You are strong spirited, with unwavering determination, and will stand your grounds no matter what. Must be the French temper you get from me. As much as it drives me insane when we butt heads, I admire you for knowing what you want and sticking to your guns. I can only hope that you will come to recognize when you are wrong and apologize for your mistakes when you get older.

You have such a big heart, always sharing with Béatrice and ready to offer a helping hand. I may not always appreciate it, but know that it doesn’t go unnoticed by me. Your love of animals remind me of my own at your age: dogs, cats, horses, ducks, dolphins, killer whale. Nobody gets left behind, not even Kayla, your imaginary friend, that has become a part of our lives over the past 2 weeks.

You put out a very strong and unwavering front, and show your more tender, softer side only to the people closer to you, all the while always reaching out to make new friends. You are my little social butterfly. You will begin a new pre-school in February and although I feel bad that you will have to re-adjust to a new environment, I know you will settle in just fine. You will probably be quiet at the beginning, studying your new surroundings and people, but I know you will fit in anywhere you go.

You are very independent and I cherish the moments you let me curl up next to you and cuddle you. Those moments are rare, but oh so precious. I love that you thrive whenever we go for a walk or a hike and that your favourite place is “the beach” (aka the beach and/or hiking). Always keep that love of the outdoors, it’s one of the most rewarding place to be and it doesn’t cost anything!

You are set in your ways, but easily adapt to new ones as well. Be nice to Daddy today, he may not do things the same way I do them, but the end result will be the same.

My one and only Rina-Bina!

My one and only Rina-Bina!

You will always be my 1st-born daughter and that is a special bond that will never break. You have transformed your Dad and I from adults to becoming parents, turned us from being a married couple to becoming a family. You taught me about unconditional love, about patience and about the importance of keeping everything balanced in life. You have also taught me that I am stronger than I ever thought I was and I thank you for that. You are my blue-eyed, curly-haired little angel and I know you will break some hearts later in life, just don’t be ruthless and don’t take people for granted. Then again, knowing how loving and caring you are, I feel those words of advice are useless. Just see them as a gentle reminder. You are my little clown and nothing warms my heart like hearing you burst into laughter and seeing that dimple appear on your right cheek (mine is on the left!) Keep your sense of humour, it is the best ice-breaker.

I will miss you dearly today and, hopefully, we’ll be able to talk on the phone. Rest assured that I will come kiss your soft curls tonight when you’re fast asleep, like I have done every night since you were born.

I love you with all my heart, now and forever.

Maman Xxo



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