How I Miss My Sleep!

I finished my 1st set back to work and the thought of having to go back on Saturday isn’t helping. No sooner had I set foot in the house that I received a call asking if I would go back tonight for an extra shift. I never did overtime before I had kids, not about to start now! Full-time is enough for me. I have missed my girls and plan on sneaking in extra cuddles between now and Saturday!

I was apprehensive about working my night shifts (with good reasons). Sleep is such an important part of my life and going on without it kills me every time. After my 1st night, it had been 26 hours since I had last slept and I only managed to do so for about 4h30. It wasn’t much, but I managed to make it to my break, get another hour of shut-eye on my break and I slept for 5hrs today.

Arsenal for a successful day of sleeping!

Arsenal for a successful day of sleeping!

Ear plugs, eye mask and a hot water bottle are mandatory in order to get some decent sleep when trying to do so during the day. I’m seriously thinking of investing on custom-fit earplugs. That’s how much I value my sleep and I figure, if I used them for the rest of my nursing career, they would definitely be an investment!

I had all the best intentions in the world of going to the noon class at Crossfit today, but I chose to sleep instead. No point in risking an injury because of lack of sleep and I would have had to get up at 1100 which meant only 2.5hrs of sleep. No can do! Heck I’m barely functioning after 9hrs over the past 2 days. I’m hoping to bank a decent night tonight, get up to my beloved 0600 class tomorrow and Friday. I haven’t yet given up on my 3 day/week subscription at the Box. I’ll see how it goes this month and make a decision after. Here’s to a new routine and trying to balance it all out!

4 thoughts on “How I Miss My Sleep!

  1. Good luck! My hubby works midnights in the chem lab at BCCH and it has honestly been the best thing for our family! He typically sleeps for the 6 hours that our oldest is in kindie and has all afternoon and evening with the girls while I get some work done. He works 10 hr shifts Mon-Thurs and then has Fri-Sun off. I love it!! (We find a fan or hepa filter works really well as white noise in addition to ear plugs. He removes his earplugs in his sleep. Hilarious!)

      • That would be hard! It’s one of the reasons we chose the night shift is that the only other option is a constant rotation of days, evenings, nights and weekends. No thanks! I only work very part time so needed to be able to plan my work around a predictable schedule

      • I hear ya! Still hoping one day to either go part-time or one of us manage to work only 8hrs. Not a possibility right now and we’ll keep juggling! 😉

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