PR and Rx! ‘Nough Said!

I looked at the WOD last night and I was actually excited about going back to the Box. It has been 6 days since my last WOD and I definitely missed the Box. Hi! My name is Val and I’m addicted to I love Crossfit!

Skill: I did all my reps with 45#. Feeling a little better about my form on that lift and it was a PR. All good!

For the WOD, I teamed up with Shela. I started the reps and after the 500m row, that box felt like jumping on top of Everest. My legs were all jelly! Shela drew blood on her first box jump and I felt bad for her, but she did really good for all the other ones. On my last set, I almost fell forward after a particular box jump and caught myself. There was a lot of internal positive self-talk (for once) and I may have done a little celebratory butt-jiggle-dance once I regained my balance. I was in my WOD bubble and hadn’t noticed everybody else being done and cheering us on. Some people laughed and that’s when I realized everybody was around us. OOops!

We finished last at 26:00, but it was freakin’ RX! I don’t get a lot of those so I was pretty pumped! Josh said it better:

Val, you’re the shortest here and it’s a tall-person WOD. You did good!

Damn right I did. I PR’d and Rx’d the crap out of today… Like a boss! 🙂

Came back home and showered. While I was getting dressed, I flexed my belly a bit (don’t judge, you do it too!) and I thought I could see the beginning of a 1-pack. I showed Ben and he confirmed it! Slowly making progress!

It’s good to be back!

7 thoughts on “PR and Rx! ‘Nough Said!

  1. Good job!!! I seriously love those days…personal victory days, RX days…especially the days that just make YOUR DAY! Butt wiggle away!

    Progress is progress…a 1-pack is more than most people have. LOVE IT! Crossfit has been the only workout that I’ve ever started to see definition in my abs…not that there’s a lot…but when I eat right, and work hard….it shows! KEEP IT UP!

    • Thanks for the support! I’m just happy with any result and not in it to display my muscles (or the lack of). I just want to be strong and fierce!

    • Haha! Well, it really isn’t as bad as it seems. I’ve been doing progress shots (ain’t no belly flexing happening anytime soon in those) every month for the blog. I was mortified about posting the 1st day, but people have been extremely supportive and nice! I was flexing my guns tonight and turned around only to see my 3-year-old and my 1-year-old flexing as well! Way to go Mama! Lol!

      • My friend did 100lbs, and I did 95lbs and we felt rather victorious after that! I mean, yeah it’s no deadlift weight, but it’s still pretty amazing. Mine was a VERY ugly 95lbs, I looked like a chicken landing it LOL

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