Not Feeling It

I went to bed last night with a mild cough, a sore throat and sneezing. Great! After the stomach flu earlier this week, now I’m starting a cold. Bleh! I still made up my mind to go to Crossfit this morning, even though Rina woke up at 0300 saying: “Mama, my teeth hurt, my ear hurts”. She came back to bed with us and it took her forever to fall back asleep. It’s ok because the “early class” at Crossfit on Thursday is at 0700 so I still felt like we all “slept in”.

I absolutely sucked at the snatch. I couldn’t do them with the 35# bar empty so I reverted to the training bar (15#?, not sure) for all my reps and even at that, my form was all wonky and I felt out of it.

As for the WOD, I did FG with a 26#KB. I did 12 full rounds + 11 burpees out of the 13th round. Felt completely defeated, but it was good to get my sweat going. I felt like I’m losing my fitness. Ben says that it’s because I have a cold. I sure hope he’s right. I had planned on going to Crossfit last Monday, but never ended up going because of my stomach flu, so I’ll go today and tomorrow. I expect to be sore, but I really want to keep going twice/week even though I’m back to work. The new schedule at work isn’t fun. 4 days off (more like 3 because the 1st one off is always after a night shift and I NEED to sleep some of it) doesn’t feel like it’s enough and then you’re right back to it. I wish it was different, but such is our reality right now, so I just have to suck it up, buttercup.

The only good thing that came out of today is that I did my pull-ups with the red and blue bands and they were real pull-ups, none of that flying over the bar into a chest-to-bar! 🙂 Little victories!

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