A Perfect Day!

I went into work today as I have yesterday and was expecting to be there for a whole shift with my nurse educator for 8hrs and have to do a ton of reading for the last 4hrs. Today was my official “return-to-work” day and it was the day I had to get re-acquainted with old equipment and procedures, get to know new equipment ask questions and brush up on my nursing skills. The day started off just as I had imagined it, I got to meet my new manager who exclaimed: “You are mush shorter and your hair is much darker than I had imagined you to be, but look at you… YOU ARE GORGEOUS!” (I like her already)! I got separated from my educator as she had meetings to attend and other more pressing business to do before she could come back to me. Ā I didn’t twirl my thumbs though, I had a whole binder of educational material to read through and then, I had some more testing to go through, so I sat down and got to it.

After a late lunch, I was reunited with my educator and we went through the last bit of equipment and computer stuff that I needed to be re-acquainted with and then, she surprised me by saying: “We’re done, go home!” I offered to stay until the end of my shift to keep writing up the tests, but she said I could do that at home and to go be with my girls! Best day ever!

I decided to keep the nanny and go to Crossfit at 1630 instead of tomorrow morning. Rina has preschool tomorrow and I want to help with getting her ready and get ahead in my cleaning for the week and I’ll be able to do so if I go to Crossfit tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Plus, I’ve never been to the evening classes so it’s something new to try! šŸ™‚

I got to the class and surprised Coach Caleb who said: “Val! I’ve never seen you in broad daylight!” Yes, coach Caleb, and I’ve never seen you so awake and full of energy! Just goes to show I’m not a vampire after all! šŸ˜‰

I was also glad to see a few familiar faces (Angie and Victoria, who both convinced me to register for the Open)

The front squat went surprisingly well. The last time we had done these was back in September and I had done 5 sets of 3 at 85#. My aim today was anything higher than 85#. Here were my reps:

5×55, 5×65, 3×75, 3×85, 1×95 failed. I felt a pinching in my shoulder and bailed out. Coach Caleb came around and we talked things through. He said I should try one more time and if the pinching was still there to bail and we would stop there. I tried and got it without any pinch! I kept going

1×100, 1×105. The 105# was a struggle so I left it at that, but I was impressed with myself! It took a lot of core power to do that!

Onto the WOD. It was my 1st experience with a Tabata-style WOD and although it was done quickly, it left me absolutely beat. The double-crunches especially. I had a total score of 71, broken down into:

  • push-ups=15 (all “real” ones)
  • air squats=27 (strongest, all my rounds were 14 except for 1 round of 13)
  • crunches=17
  • strict pull-ups with red and green bands: 12

My biceps felt like jelly immediately after being done and my arms were shaking. Fun times!

I came back home to have a quick dinner, bathe the girls and put them to bed and I need to log off as I have a full basket of laundry waiting to be folded. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming of front squats tonight! šŸ™‚

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