I Officially Rename Friday RunDay!

OMG! It seems we are getting more and more WODs that involve running on Fridays. And to make me feel even better about my running abilities, all the triathletes show up for the 0600 Friday morning class. Whatever, I won’t get any better unless I practice, right? Either that, or I’ll die trying!


WARM-UP: Lacrosse ball fielding 5-10 minutes, dominant hand, non-dominant hand, one eye closed, both eyes closed – reaction training

SKILL:  KB Bottom – Up Press  5 x 4/arm

This is a completely new movement and requires both strength and stability.  The goal here is not to push too heavy with the weight, but instead work on the smoothest press possible while controlling the KB.  Hold the KB at shoulder height but upside down – i.e. you hold the handle but the bottom of the KB is facing the ceiling.  Press from shoulder height to full extension and lower back down under control.  Hold onto the handle tightly so the KB doesn’t flip.

Here’s a pic:

WOD:  Tri Time

This is an interval workout, with each successive interval going on 5 minutes.  The faster you run, the more rest you get!  Your score for the workout will be your fastest interval plus your slowest interval.

Rx:  5 intervals of:  400m run, 15 Russian KBS (35/53), 10 SD box jumps (20/24″)

TG:  3 intervals, 200m run, scale KBS and Box Jumps as needed

FG:  4 intervals, 300m run, KBS @ 26/44, Box Jumps scaled as needed


The KB press looked easy enough, but it was quite the challenge on my non-dominant hand (heck, even on my dominant hand) at 13#.

I paired up with my trustee Shela for the WOD and we decided to do TG+ at 5 rounds of 400m run and using the 26# KB. I decided to go 1st (might as well get it done and over with) and Shela would start 2:30mins after me. We had 5 mins. to finish the 1st round and we took off for every a new set every 5 minutes.

After my 1st round was done (3:42), I only had 1:18 to recover before taking off for my 2nd set. Coach Caleb came to me and said I should run 300m only, otherwise, I wouldn’t make it to the finish. Thank you Sweet Baby Jesus (aka My Saviour, AKA Coach Caleb)! I finished my other rounds in 3:06, 3:08, 3:04 and 3:13. My total score (fastest and slowest rounds) was 6:46. It probably could have been a little lower had I done all rounds in 300m, but it’s still FG+ so I’ll take it!

I came back home to Ben and the girls and Rina cracked me up when she ran into my arms as if I hadn’t seen her in a week and then seriously asked me: “Did you have fun at the gym?” We had decided to go out for breakfast with Ben’s sister as we were all off work today and it was nice to relax a bit and enjoy the morning. After breakfast, we went shopping for a new bike for Rina. She has outgrown her tricycle and needed something bigger. We ended up buying her a Barbie bike with training wheels from Canadian Tire. It has sparkling streamers and a front bag on the handlebar which she absolutely loved so she can carry Yayou (her lovey rag doll) in.

We went for a ride on the bike path at the end of our street and I think she had fun. Both the girls fell asleep within 10 minutes of being down for their afternoon nap! 😉

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