Small, But Noticeable Gains

Another hard wake-up call after a night of cuddling Béatrice for 2hrs. It all started at 0115 when Rina woke up with a tummy ache. Nothing a quick trip to the washroom and a few toots could cure! 😉 I thought I was golden to go back to bed, but Béatrice had other plans. She was wide awake and ready to go. I tried to rock her in the chair in the girls’ room, but she wouldn’t settle. We moved to the living room, where I cuddle her, rubbed her back and massaged her back and neck until I felt her relax in my arms. Finally, I went back to bed around 0300 and slept until 0500 when Rina got up. I dragged her back to bed with us and fell back asleep until my alarm woke me up at 0600. I was exhausted, but I knew I had to get up: Crossfit awaited! 🙂

I recently read a blog post about Crossfit and how the key was just to “keep moving” (I wanted to link back to it, but cannot find the post for the life of me), and even though I was already tired, I entered the box with this mentality. I knew it would be hard, but I would keep moving.

It just so happened that there were 3 of us that showed up for the 0700 class this morning so we each went at it together and rested together.

Warming up with the wall walks, I wasn’t thrilled about them going in, but I soon realized they were a lot easier than I remembered them to be. I got fairly close to the wall and my arms felt strong. Even though my upper body is my weakest, I guess I am still making progress and I was thrilled to find that out! I was also able to string the 10 knee raise once I moved away from the taped-up pull-up bar. That tape just destroyed my (already cracked and bleeding) hands. It has been a little colder here and being back to work and having to wash my hands about 100x/shift  with anti-bacterial soap has damaged my hands. The tape on the bar just killed them this morning!

I did the KB Bottoms Up “Curl and Press” with a 13# KB. The curling part was extremely wobbly with my left arm and even though it was easy on the right, the left was a challenge.

For the WOD, I was paired up with Kim and Brett (I knew neither of them) and we just plucked at it. I did the FG with the red and blue bands for my pull-ups and full-on push-ups and we finished with a total score of 432. My contribution was 126 (40 cals for the row, 69 reps for Cindy and 17 runs) which turned out to be 29%. Not quite up to the 33% I was aiming for, but not too far off either. I managed to string out 4 pull-ups in a row with those bands on every reps and I was pretty happy with that. Once I’ll be able to do 6 in a row, I’ll change the bands again! Small, but noticeable gains!

During the WOD, I just kept telling myself “Just keep moving, you can be slow as heck, but keep moving” and I did for the most part. A few of the runs were started with one or two walking steps, but I always picked up the pace afterwards and I’m pretty happy with that. Same with the burpees, a few of them were done “grandma”-style, but I picked it up and never stopped. It gave me great results and it should be my mantra from now on. I have realized that dropping from 3 days/week to 2 days/week has made me lose some of my endurance, and I need to work on my cardio more if I want to perform better, but I haven’t lost my drive and I will keep going no matter what.

In other news, Rina has started her new Preschool (fully French) this week and when I picked her up today, the teacher told me it was as if she had always been part of the group. She is integrating herself well within the group, and I was relieved to hear that. She and a volunteer also mentioned that she was extremely independent (nothing new to my ears) and she loves to play with water in the sink (again, nothing new)! Here’s hoping to soon hear her speak a little more French to me! 🙂

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