I’m Losing This War!

I took the night off last night and I’m glad I did. I must have lost about 2lbs of snot and my ear are completely blocked from my sinuses being so stuffed up. Yesterday, I managed to get through the day with an indoor fort in the living room to keep the girls busy (as well as some Netflix, let’s be honest here)! To top it all up, I woke up with a lovely cold sore this morning… 😦

Béatrice is a snotty as I am, everybody in this house is coughing and run down. It’s not pretty, folks! I feel like posting a biohazard sign on our front door!

Enter at your own health risks!

Enter at your own health risks!

I feel and look like crap and of course, today is the day I get some pictures taken for a special project I’m working on. I’m not gonna say more about it until it is out in the open, but let’s just say I could have done without this mucus-induced cough and the cold sore today! I’ll need my lungs and need to be on my A-game! I was also planning on going to Crossfit tomorrow, but I guess we’ll see how we all feel in the morning. It’s been a week since my last WOD and I’m jonesing from withdrawal! 😉

I will finish cleaning my kitchen this morning and get some groceries to plan for these delicious-looking recipes:


Meatball Bake

Pizza Spaghetti Pie

Pizza Spaghetti Pie


Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Paleo Buffalo Chicken Pasta

I’ll be adding vegetables to all of the above to make them a complete meal and, hopefully, I’ll be in the mend with these lovely meals! Click on the pics to be re-directed to the recipes!

5 thoughts on “I’m Losing This War!

  1. Feel better! Don’t workout unless you feel 90%, you could infect those around you and make yourself worse! I know it sucks not going but you will recover better if you give your body some rest.

    • Thanks! I already do the no-dairy, apple-cider and neti-pot! I try to rest as much as I can with two rambunctious girls and I drink plenty of water too! I’ll have a look at the other suggestions! 🙂

  2. Thanks for trying out my Paleo buffalo chicken pasta recipe! Please post a pic when you make it with vegetables. I would love to see! 🙂

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