Rx-ing On The Mend!

I didn’t go to Crossfit yesterday. I really wanted to, but I was feeling really crappy. My sinuses were at their worst, i couldn’t breathe and had very little energy, so I stayed home. Ben also stayed home and helped out with the kids in the morning and I was really thankful. He’s also coming down with this nasty cold we all have and I was glad he pitched in even though he felt like crap too. We did laundry together and it was done in no time at all, which allowed me to lie down on the couch while the girls took their afternoon nap.

I hadn’t gone to Crossfit in a week and I could feel my determination dwindling by the hour. It scared me. I am totally committed to making myself better and it was scary to see that a week away from the box was all it took for me to start thinking about not going, about slowly giving up. So, this morning, even though it would have been easy to make more excuses and miss the WOD, I got up and showed up. Instead of telling myself “you’re still a bit stuffed up, you should just rest some more”, I switched it up to “Do you best, just keep moving, even if it’s slower than usual, at least you’re making the effort and commitment. You paid for it, might as well go!”

I had looked at the WOD last night and it didn’t look enticing at all:

I was already getting a good sweat from the warm-up and had a hard time to breathe, but I just kept telling myself “Just keep moving, you got this”.

After the official warm-up, we warmed up more specifically for the WOD; working on our rowing technique, our Taters and Burpees. Coach Caleb gave us good advice about going 85-90% on the row so we would still have some gas in the tank for the burpees and Taters. I warmed up with a 26# KB for the Taters and was debating going for the 35#. I have never done a WOD with a 35#KB anything, so this was challenging. I figured, try it, you’ll have a few less reps, but it will be Rx! I brought the 35#KB on my mat, did a few Taters with it and it was HEAVY! As I strapped my feet in the Erg, Coach Caleb sneakily grabbed my 26#KB with his foot and slowly moved it away from my mat, all the while staring at me with a sneaky smile on his face. I guess I was going to Rx this WOD whether I wanted to or not!

My total score was 187-Rx! šŸ™‚

  • Row: 37-34-33
  • Burpees: 20-17-18
  • Taters: 8-10-10

On my 1st round of Taters, I was really struggling to hang on to the KB. At one point, I lost my grip and only caught the KB with my forearm.

A friend posted this on Facebook this morning and it was perfect! My forearm is already bruising and I'm sure it'll look worst as the day goes on. Next time, I'm dropping that KB!

A friend posted this on Facebook this morning and it was perfect! My forearm is already bruising and I’m sure it’ll look worst as the day goes on. Next time, I’m dropping that KB!

Now, usually, I only compete against myself and don’t care about everybody else’s scores, but lately, I have been comparing to 2-3 other girls who work out at my Box and we are all pretty much at the same level. Not that they know about my little personal competition against them, but I like to see where I stand compared to them. Let’s just say I did good today! šŸ™‚ I guess I owe it all to Coach Caleb and his stealing away my 26#KB, otherwise, I wouldn’t have done as well! Thanks Coach! You’re the best at knowing when I should push myself! šŸ˜‰

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