Progress Update And Giving It Your All!

The WOD wasn’t out last night when I went to bed and it’s probably a good thing. After yet another sleepless night (I was up from 0100-0300, trying to settle Béa. I swear, this kid needs to sleep through the night soon. I’m tired of being sleep deprived!), I looked at it this morning and it would have been easy to make excuses not to go, but like I said yesterday, I’m trying to change my mind frame so I got dressed and got going.

There were many of us this morning and because of that, I had to pair up with 2 other girls for the skill section. My 90% was 75#. Theirs was 95#. Guess who has a new 90% of 95#! I didn’t want to fiddle with the weights, so I just went along with theirs and managed to do all 7 rounds at 95#! Not too shabby considering my sciatica has been acting up and every now and again, my left leg buckles from the sharp pain through my butt! Fun times, I tell you! 🙂

As for the WOD, I knew it would be a tough one. I tried to do a few push press at 55#, but it was challenging and I knew  I wouldn’t be able to do all 8 rounds, so I dropped it to 45#.


There was a lot of internal negative talk during this WOD, but it wasn’t negative self talk. Let’s just say I was dropping a lot of F-bombs in my head every time I was faced with the bar for the push press.I was not enjoying myself, I could barely breathe (still very stuffed up from my cold) and I was consistent in the fact that every round took me longer to finish, therefore, I had less time to recover. I barely finished the 8th round with seconds to spare and I was ready to puke. I just stood on my box (I didn’t have enough strength or breath to get down from my last box jump) and tried to breathe. Here were my splits:

1:16, 1:20, 1:22, 1:25, 1:29, 1:35, 1:36, 1:56. I got confused on the last round as Coach Caleb suddenly screamed: “Time’s up!”, but we were doing it in 2 heats and the warning was for the 1st heat (I was in the 2nd one), so I lost a few precious seconds trying to register that:

  1. Damn, I didn’t finish the round…
  2. Oh crap! The warning wasn’t for me, must keep going!

So yeah, that was brutal and a little bit awesome all at once. I will admit to being happy to be going back to work tomorrow. I’ll get a few days of rest before my next WOD and I’m very much looking forward to it. Now if I could get 1 week of decent sleep, I would feel a thousand times better. Oh wait, I have two young kids and I work shift work. Fat chance of that happening anytime soon! 😉

In keeping with the fact that I’m back to work tomorrow, I’m doing my Progress Update a few days early, because I won’t want to do it in the middle of my set at work. Here goes the progress in numbers:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 8.37.35 AM

Down 9.5lbs and 11.5″ overall. I am most amazed at my inches lost around my abdomen. I have also gained 1″ around my true waist since last month (Ben says it must be abs, I highly doubt it, but I love him for saying so!), but I’m very happy with the progress I am making.

The red shorts were snug when I first got them. Now, I'll have to buy a size smaller as they are almost falling off my butt!

The red shorts were snug when I first got them. Now, I’ll have to buy a size smaller as they are almost falling off my butt!

Sorry, I know Rina and Béatrice are photobombing the first 3 of my 7 months pictures, I was too lazy to retake them! I am most happy about my back, shoulders and bum. I don’t quite have all the muscle definition I’d like to get in my arms and legs, but I’ll get there. As for my abdomen, I don’t know that I’ll ever have visible abs, but I’m a work in progress and I’ll take any improvement I can get towards my fitness.

Thanks for reading, I know it was a long one! 😉

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