Caught Red Banded!

I came home from work yesterday completely exhausted. It was just a busy day and I was hoping for a glorious night of uninterrupted sleep (a girl can dream). Rina came to bed with us way too early and although I could have slept for another 30mins, I never managed to fall back asleep. I showed up at the box and felt completely gassed before I even began to move around. šŸ˜¦

To complete this wonderful morning, wallballs for warm-up! Yay! (NOT!)

I managed to do my front squats at 100# for all 7 rounds. Pretty happy about that!

For the WOD, I used red and blue bands for my pull-ups and managed to do 209 reps (6 rounds + 7 air squats). I was 1 squat away from 7 rounds and I thought I was completely lunatic for writing down 8 rounds on my board! (we have small dry-erase boards and I wrote numbers 1 through 8 on mine and would cross one off after each round. Makes keeping track of my rounds easier). I thought I was WAYYYY optimistic by writing down 8 rounds, but it turns out I wasn’t too far off after all!

Coach Caleb came by after I had caught my breath and told me it was my last time using the red band for my pull-ups. He said I was doing CTB for all my reps with the red and blue and therefore, I need to move on to the purple and blue next time. Wait! What? It seems I just moved to the red and blue! Got to keep on with the progress I’m making I guess! šŸ™‚ Came home to the usual cleaning/laundry before my night shifts and picking up Rina at pre-school and to enjoy a (not-so) pleasant lunch with my sister-in-law (and the girls) for her birthday. The company was awesome, but my food wasn’t. I told the waiter and he comp’d it for me. I left a generous tip to cover the original cost. Win-win!

I can’t wait for the Nanny to get here so I can go to nap as well. I am tired!

P.S. After 14.1, my husband and I played the game “Let’s see where else we can find bruises on Val’s body” from the DUs. It’s a fun game! We discovered new bruises on the inside of both my calves, two nasty ones (on my forearm and my left hip) and the previously mentioned ones on my bum, back and shin. Only in Crossfit of you end up with bruises you actually had fun acquiring! šŸ™‚

One thought on “Caught Red Banded!

  1. Way to go!!

    Oooh, I hate wallballs — that’s a rough warm up. The other day we had to do 10 x 200m sprints to start. I thought I was going to die, vomit or start crying. Miraculously I made it through without doing any of the three — progress!

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