A Special Hoodie

I think pretty much all overweight women do this. We keep certain article(s) of clothing that are too small for us with the hopes that, one day, we’ll lose the weight and fit in them once again. I am guilty of doing that. I have a few pieces (sweaters, tanks, jeans and workout clothes) that I hang onto. One of them is a plum coloured hoodie that has a lot of meaning to me. It is, by far, my favourite hoodie of all times. I love the color (goes well with my complexion and the color of my eyes) and I was wearing it the first time I met my husband. I know, I know, not very classy to go on a date wearing a hoodie, but hear me out…

It was a Sunday in late spring 2007, May 20th to be exact. Ben and I met online and we had been chatting for a bit when we arranged to go on a date. I had just come off night shift that very morning and had planned to nap before meeting him, but life got in the way and I ended up getting groceries, doing laundry and just as I was about ready for a quick nap before heading out to meet him, the phone kept ringing and therefore I ended up going to meet him going on 30hrs without sleep. At that point, I didn’t really care about what I looked like and figured, if he doesn’t like me in my favorite comfy hoodie, he’s not the one for me. We had agreed to meet on the Plateau (in Montreal) and because parking can be a bitch difficult, I parked my car to the closest subway station and took the métro to go meet him. As I waited on the previously agreed street corner for him to show up, I kept thinking: “I’ve never even heard his voice… What if he laughs like a hyena?… If he doesn’t look like his picture, he’s gonna get it from me and I’m going straight home to bed.”

Ben showed up and I was pleasantly surprised. He smelt clean and fresh and was easy on the eyes with his rugged look and his deep brown eyes. I had a rule of not going for a meal when I went on a blind date (too long if the date is horrible), but I was starving and we ended up having pizza on a restaurant patio. We talked for a few hours and I finally excused myself to go home to bed. He walked me back to the métro station, gave me a huge bear hug and asked if we could do this again. I said yes and the rest is history. We’ve been together ever since and I’ve kept the hoodie throughout the years. It fit me until I got pregnant with Rina and I haven’t worn it since, but I kept it in my closet because I really liked it and because it has such memories associated with it.

I had tried it on a few months ago, but it didn’t fit well. It was too snug around my belly and I didn’t feel comfortable wearing it. Today, I was sorting out the girls’ clothes to see what fit them and didn’t fit them anymore and as I was putting away more laundry, my eyes fell upon THE hoodie. I tried it on and, voilà! It fits and I’m comfortable in it. I showed it to Ben and he said: “That’s the hoodie you wore when we first met”. He remembered. My husband can barely remember my birthday, but he remembered the hoodie. I told you it was special!

It took me a long time to get where I am today, and I’m still not done working on myself and getting to the fitness level I’d like to be, but I’m on the right path. I have made long-lasting changes to my exercise habits, my eating habits and my outlook on life and who I want to be. I’m not always perfect, I fall off the wagon every now and then, but the important part is that I don’t beat myself over it and always get back on track. It’s good to be back to a better place both physically and mentally. After all, life isn’t about the destination, but about the journey. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go snuggle up to my husband in my favorite hoodie! 😉

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