The Power of Encouragement

3 nights in a row that Béatrice is awake at 0400 and I cannot manage to fall back asleep before my alarms goes off (at an already ungodly hour)! I don’t know how much longer I can do this and since I’m working nights tonight and tomorrow, how much do you want to bet she’ll sleep through the night for Ben???

Crossfit at 0600 this morning looked like this:

I PR’d on the Push Press at 80#, but I think I probably could have gone for 85#. Still, I’ll take the PR! For the WOD, I was not really enthusiastic (not a runner and a short rower. Enough said)! Kevin paired up with me and I started off on the “running” part. I ran all of them (except for #2) and I am pretty impressed with that. On run #2, I took a small walking break  when Ricky came up behind me and just said: “Come on Val, keep it up. Jog if you have to, just keep going.” It was all I needed to pick it up again.

I don’t think it’s any secret for anyone at my Box that I am not a runner. I am slow as heck and get passed every time, but I still go out and do it. I was amazed at how people’s little words of encouragement made me keep going. Whenever I was making my way to the street light (our markers whenever we run), people coming back from the pole kept giving me little encouragements: “Good job, Val”, “You’re doing great, Val” etc. I wanted to let everyone know that I heard every single cheer, I was just too busy sucking air to reply back. I tried my best to smile back or give a thumbs up to show acknowledgement, but I’m not sure I was very proficient at that too! 😉 I never got a break as Kevin was a lot faster than I was at both rowing and running and even though we came in last at 23:17, I was happy. I’m slowly realizing that Crossfit has done a lot for me. It has changed my mentality of “I can’t” and “I suck at this” into “Just give it a try” and “Do one more rep”. I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for and if I just give it a try, I may surprise myself with the end result! Don’t get me wrong, I had to dig deep today and when the going got tough, I just closed my eyes and kept moving  and working out my highly emotional week on the erg. Who knew Crossfit can be good for the body AND soul?!?

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