A New Sunny Day!

Even though I was awaken extra early by Béa (good morning 0300!) and never really managed to fall back asleep, I showed up for the 0600 class this morning.


My pecs, armpits and shoulders were so very sore from all my failed attempts at TTB yesterday, so I stuck with a very light weight for the Thrusters and that was enough for me: 45#.

Then it was time for the WOD. I wasn’t fully in the mood, but I thought it would go fast so I just got to it and finished with the following score: 140 reps total RX

  • Burpees: 13-11-9
  • Russian KBS (35#): 25-20-15
  • Lunges: 22-15-10

Those KBS were TOUGH! Nevermind the shoulder stiffness, I’ve only done a handful of WODs at 35# so I’m still struggling with that weight. Even though my reps were a bit low, I was happy to get that much Rx! No more moping around about my results on the Open, I’m trying to refocus on the positive and find my happy Crossfit place again!

I was thinking about it all in the early hours after I put Béatrice back to bed, and I came to this conclusion. THere’s 1 workout left to the OPEN. Suck it up and do it and then you can move on to your regular workouts. If you’re not happy anymore doing Crossfit, why is that? Nobody forces you to go and if you keep going, why? Here are the conclusions I have come to:

  • I do Crossfit for myself. Stop comparing your scores with others and refocus on yourself and your achievements.
  • I’m not happy with my results and my performances lately, but I also know that I haven’t been focused on the fuel I put in my body. Stop complaining and get back to your happy place.
  • I love Crossfit. I’ve been at it for 8 months now and I like that I am still sore / sweaty / exhausted after every workout. It has been my therapist, my friend and has put me back on track both physically and mentally on more than one occasion.

So there, 1 more week of Open and I can then go back to being happy at Crossfit. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the sunny day with the girls when they awake from nap. We walked to the grocery store this morning and we stopped at the Dollar Store on the way to get Rina some little toys for outside (a watering can shaped like a duck, some windmills shaped like flowers) and we have big plans of using them when they wake up! For now, I’ll go fold some laundry and knit for a bit! 🙂

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