Rest Day: Another Kind of Torture

Yesterday was my self-imposed rest day from Crossfit. I was glad to be able to sleep in (until 0700 that is! I am still a mom to 2 toddlers after all), but I was really sad to be missing out on a day of Crossfit. It was Back Squat day and I was going to be a no-show. One thing you have to know about me, back squats and deadlifts are my favorite lifts. It just so happen that I missed the complete serie on deadlift when it was in the programming recently (except for maybe one session) and now, I find myself missing a session of back squats. I was strong and resisted the urge to go in and do the WOD because I know my body needs the rest. My shoulders have been screaming for a break for the past week and I know I NEED to rest in order to keep progressing.


It’s just so dang hard to stay away from the Box when it’s my sacred me-time where I don’t have to think about anyone else but me. I’m a wife, a mom and a NICU RN every other hours of my life, but the rare times I get at the Box, I just have me to think about. Maybe that’s why I love it so much! 🙂

So what did I do instead on my turnaround day (the day between my last day shift at work and my first night shift)? Well, I was a wife who got to spend about an hour with my husband. It feels like we haven’t seen each other for almost a month. Our schedules are really not in sync right now and if we get to see each other an hour a day, it’s a good day. So, yeah, we spent about an hour in the same room trying to mane the kids. I was also a mom for most of the day, getting clothes ready, food ready, kids dressed, one napped, the other didn’t. I took them shopping for Rina’s new dance outfit (she has outgrown her 1st one) and we had a quick lunch while I folded 3 loads of laundry.

I then tried to relax before going for a nap myself before my night shift, but Beatrice had other plans and therefore, I was a bit on edge. I was thankful when Nanny showed up so I could go sleep for 2 hours before getting ready for  work. My sleep was occupied by weird dreams and I was hoping a good hot shower would help out when I got up. Life had other plans since I had to endure a completely cold shower (our upstairs neighbours were washing dishes and that means no hot water for me when their tap is on). It’s about time we move from there. I have reached my limit a while back and I can honestly say I’m not sure how long before I break down and verbal diarrhea comes out.

As you can see, a rest day from Crossfit is simply that. Rest from Crossfit. When you have young kids, you don’t ever get a day off. It’s all god though, I love kissing their boo-boos away, hugging them and getting their snotty kisses and cuddles!


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