That’s the motto at our Box.

Relentless: re·lent·less  (rĭ-lĕnt′lĭs)


1. Unyielding in severity or strictness; unrelenting: relentless persecution.
2. Steady and persistent; unremitting: the relentless beat of the drums.
Today, I wasn’t successful, but I was relentless. I kept going even though I was out from the get go and I finished way after the buzzer had gone off, but I finished.
Here’s what we did today:
Warm-up: I decided to give wall Handstands a try and I pulled it off easily. Good to know I can now do wall handstands! 🙂
Skill: I did the following reps for the Power Clean:
I really was hoping to get to 70#, but Coach Caleb wanted me to better my form at 65#. He was right too. After his advice, the second set felt a lot better.
WOD: That was a doozie. It looks all innocent, but it kills you. I only used the training bar with 10# on it for a total of 20# for the OHS. I think I could have gone heavier, but I’ve been scared of OHS since the Open, when I kept dropping the bar backwards. I wanted to keep it to a manageable weight and make sure I wasn’t going to lose form. Also, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to wreck my shoulder again… So yeah, I may have been over-cautious on that one.
For the box jumps, I did 24″. It was my first time ever trying them out and I was glad I managed every rep without any issue. That’s a challenging height considering I’m only 61″ tall! 😉
I stuck with 14# for the wall balls. They remain my least favourite, but I stuck to it and no-repped myself a few times because the ball didn’t touch the wall or it touched below the line. I’m seriously not a fan of wall balls, but I guess that just means I have to work on them more!
I was out of this WOD on the 1st round, going well above the 90s we had to accomplish one round, but I stuck to it and kept going through each round one rep at a time. I may not be the strongest nor the fastest, but I am relentless. Funny how the motto of the box applies to this little mama. Call it stubbornness, call it determination, call it whatever you want, but I will not quit. When I thought I couldn’t keep going, I could hear the cheers from everyone who was done and I kept thinking to myself:
You may not think you can do this, but these people believe in you. Just do one more. See how it feels and then do another one after that. These people think you can do it. Don’t make liars out of them!
It worked. Crossfit is very physical, but it’s even more mental. Whatever discourse I needed to have with myself to finish, I got through it and never gave up. I was Relentless and I was living up to my Box’s philosophy. Sure I was disappointed to finish without any time mark, but I finished. And to me, that’s an accomplishment in itself. Not to mention I nailed the wall handstand and 24″ box jump! 🙂

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