When A Skipping Rope Feels Like Thirty Pounds

We had an amazing weekend filled with some good quality family time and it was all my little soul needed to shoot right up to the skies! After having had a Chiropractic adjustment with some Active Release (a moving deep tissue massage) on Friday (thanks Tracey for recommending Synergy), I really wanted to attend the Saturday morning WOD, but my body was screaming in pain, so I chose to do some active recovery instead. We went out and bought the bike attachment for our Chariot Stroller and took the girls on a bike ride both Saturday and Sunday. It was so much fun, but I can tell my lower back needs to recover some more as even just sitting on my bike was a bit gruesome. Also, my bike is stupid. It takes a lot of energy output for me to get it going and my gears are crap and not responding at all, so it gets very frustrating to ride normally, even more so when the wind is blowing in your face. I’m seriously thinking of changing my bike and upgrading to a proper road bike. We went to see a few over the weekend, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

This morning, however, I couldn’t skip the box any longer!

Skill: The split jerks were a slow progression from 35# to 60#. Same max weight as my last attempt, but I felt like I was guarding my lower back a bit and therefore, had to work in landing in the proper position. Coach Caleb gave me some good tips (my feet were fast enough, but my body sort of slumped slowly in the bottom position. I need to be faster with my body as well, therefore, tighter in the core).

WOD: I thought I had done Walk The Line previously, but I have no record of it anywhere. It might have been a similar WOD. Anyway, I finished with a total rep of 275 (5 full rounds and short of 1 length of farmer carry for a 6th round). I did the TG+ with the following modifications:

16mins AMRAP:

  • 14 Taters: 18#
  • 7 ring dips: assisted with red band
  • 63 single skips (instead of 21 DU)
  • 4 length of farmer carry: 15#

That was pretty intense! Whenever I went back to the skipping, it felt like the rope weighed 30#. My forearms were so sore! It’s too bad they didn’t have 20# plates for the farmer carry. 15# was a bit light, but I couldn’t do 25#. 😦 It sure felt good to be back and lifting weights though! Now, I have to go back to my 2nd  chiro treatment and am not looking forward to it. Let’s just hope all this pain will bring some healing down the road!


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