Thank You For The Torture

Those were the words I said to Coach Caleb after today’s workout, as I was making my way out the door. Don’t get me wrong, I had my usual goofy smile on and I was actually thankful for the exertion. I like knowing that I am working hard, that I am giving it my best effort. I like knowing that at around 2200 tonight, while I’m at work, I will feel the soreness set in my muscles and it probably won’t leave my muscles until Saturday. The physical torture only lasts the length of the WOD. Knowing that I endured and beat the torture is such a mental high. It makes me proud of who I am, who I’ve become. I am proud of where I am at right now physically, even though I know there is room for improvement. It will come with time, effort and more torture! 😉 What I am more proud of is where I am at mentally. I have made leaps and bounds in my self-confidence since I embarked on this journey, nine months ago. I know my worth at the Box and it has made me more confident in every other areas of my life. My body has changed in those nine months, but my mental self has changed too. I don’t see myself as the “fat mom” anymore. My body bears the wounds of 2 child bearings within 2 years. I may never have my dancer’s body ever again, but I’m ok with that because, right now, I am making the best of the body I have right now and I am working on improving that body. Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey getting there after all and I’m having a blast right now! I also wanted to thank all of you who read me out there and cheer me on my “Progress Update” posts. It still is absolutely terrifying to post those pictures every month, but every month, I am encouraged to keep it up by all the nice comments I get on here, on Facebook and in person. I haven’t received any negative comment so far and it has made it a little easier to post those pictures up. So, thank you for that torture too! 🙂

Enough rambling, here’s what we did today:

Skill: I had forgotten to look up my previous tempo back squat so I started at 60# and ended up at 85#. I know I could have gone heavier, but it was ok for today.

Reps were: 60#-65#-70#-75#-85#

WOD: That was a fun one, but it reminded me a lot of 14.5 in the sense that you just had to keep chipping at it. I was afraid of doing this one because I think I was slightly traumatized by 14.5, but once again, I am tougher mentally than I gave myself credit for and it went almost without a hitch. I say almost because I still cannot do a strict pull-up. 😦 I always seem to be kipping. Today, I used the green band thinking it would prevent me from kipping, but no such thing. I guess I’ll just have to add a few more bands in order to do my strict pull-up. I ended up doing the TG+ version of this WOD:

I did all rounds (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1), but I scaled back the weights as follows:

pull-ups: kipping with green band (ugh!)

hang power clean: all done with 45#

Strict press: all done with 45#.

We were only 3 doing the WOD (all women!) and I, of course, finished last, but I’m ok with that. It’s about making myself better, not competing against others. I finished in 19:34 and my forearms are already sore! I just keep my fingers crossed that I won’t have to start any I.V. tonight, my forearms won’t be a happy with me if I do! 😉

Below is one of the many reasons I choose to torture myself and better myself on a daily basis:

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