If You’re Gonna Do Fran, Make It Hard!

It’s been a rough week peeps and I’ve had to take a few days off from work. I’ve had a terrible cold with cough, stuffy nose and lost my voice at some point. It’s not completely back yet and I’m still coughing, but I’m feeling much better. I had all the best intentions in the world to make it to the Box on Monday morning, but I felt like I would just hit the last nail in my coffin and chose to spend the day resting at home with the rest of the sickies (both girls also have a nasty cold as well, so it’s been a blast in this house! NOT).

Watching Curious George with the sickies. Everybody looks tired, myself included! ;)

Watching Curious George with the sickies. Everybody looks tired, myself included! 😉

The reason I decided to stay home and attempt the WOD on Tuesday instead of Monday is the following:


A 4-letter word that makes me shiver… Not as much as 14.5, but I still shiver!

Although I have done Fran once before, I was afraid to tackle it healthy, let alone with a residual cold. Here’s what I did at the Box today:

Skill: The last time I did the power cleans, I was at 65# and I wanted to try to PR that today. I did the following reps:


My last set at 75# was hard. I no-repped myself for the 2nd rep because it was simply ugly, so I repeated that one. I tried for my 3rd and failed. Coach Caleb gave me some good advice and I picked up the bar again and managed my 3rd at 75#! A new PR! 🙂

WOD: Fran. ‘Nough said! My last (and first) attempt at this one was back in December. I had finished in 7:11 with 35# thrusters and green and purple banded pull-ups. Today, I wanted a real challenge (like Fran isn’t enough of a challenge to begin with?!?) and I did my all my pull-ups with blue and purple bands (1st time I tried those) and I did my thrusters at 45#.

The round of 21, I was pumped! I managed to string 2-3 pull-ups in a row for the set and I split up my thrusters 11-6-4.

The round of 15, I was confused. I no repped myself for a pull-up (I don’t think my chin made it over the bar) and I thought I was done after nine so I jumped off the rig and went to my barbell, only to realize I still had 6 pull-ups to do! I climbed back on the bar and finished them and went onto the thrusters. I broke them into 3×5 reps.

The round of 9, I was tired. I couldn’t do more than 2 pull-ups in a row and finished my set stringing single ones. I did, however, managed to do all thrusters unbroken, so there’s that! I added a good 3+ minutes to my time, but I still consider today’s attempt a PR because I increased the weights for the thrusters and decreased the resistance in my bands. Progress is progress and I felt happy finishing it. I had absolutely no negative self-talk during the WOD and it felt good to be back lifting heavy sh** and dropping down! I’m sure if I can stop coughing, I’ll enjoy myself even more! 😉

True that!

True that!

I came home to 2 fed sickies and jumped in the shower before inhaling a marvellous coffee and frittata I had made yesterday. I love when breakfast is quick and simple and I don’t have to think about it too much!

My trustee readership will remember I had mentioned big plans about a month ago. Well, here’s the big reveal: WE ARE HOUSE HUNTING!!! Some of you might remember the view of my backyard at the same time last year:

The wonderful view from our patio... :(

The wonderful view from our patio back in August 2013.

Nothing much has changed since that picture as you can see from the next picture:

Still not a safe place for toddlers to play... :(

Still not a safe place for toddlers to play… 😦

I am done living here. I cannot believe they have been renovating that bachelor pad in our yard for over a year and we need more room for ourselves, so yeah, time to move on! We have seen a few houses last week and going to see more later this morning with our realtor. You can rest assured I will let you all know when we make an offer on a house, I’m so excited about this new phase of our lives! 🙂

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