Something Weird Happened Today…

I’m still not over this nasty cold and I have a hacking couch that just can’t seem to want to go away anytime soon (Rina is also hacking like a 90-year-old chain smoker and Béatrice remains snotty, but we’re all doing miles better), but it didn’t stop me from getting up at 0500 to get ready for the 0600 class at the Box! 😉



Frog walk 1 pole length

4 Burpee broad jumps – increasing in distance

30-45 second plank hold

STRENGTH: Back Squat 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 E2M

Last time through this set! Make it count!


These will be alternating tasks on the minute. One pair of movements will be performed on the even minutes, the other on the odd minutes. Scale appropriately and aim for smooth movement!

Rx: 6 Rounds of

Even minutes: 3 Hang Power Snatch (65/95), 6 Overhead Squat

Odd minutes: 20 du’s, 8 double crunch.

TG:  Scale bar weight as needed, consider 4 rounds of each, 20 single skips
FG1:  Bar weight 45/65, 20 singles
FG2:  Bar weight 55/75, 10 doubles
COMP PREP:  Bar weight 75/115, sub toes-to-bar for double crunch

The warm-up felt good and I managed to do the planks for 45s for the last 2 sets. Yay core strength after having babies! 🙂

For the Strength section, I did my reps as follows:

  • 80# x 10
  • 85# x 8
  • 90# x 6
  • 95# x 4 (a new PR) 🙂

I wonder what I could get for a 1RM on my back squat?

For the WOD, I did FG1+ (6 rounds at 35# for the hang power snatches and OHS, 40 DU and 8 Double Crunches)

I used an empty bar (35#) and it felt like I could have added an extra 5# for the Hang Power Clean, but the OHS were challenging. Maybe I could have pushed myself and done everything at 40#? One thing for sure, the double crunches were a breeze. Not that I normally struggle through them, but I could just string them along at a fast pace today without slowing down on any rounds. Not sure if it was from doing the planks in the warm-up, but I felt really strong and, for once, didn’t feel like my belly was getting in the way when I was crunching.

I was still working hard through the rounds to the point where I was wondering when we would be done. Thank goodness, at that point, we were on the last round! That’s also when something weird happened… I was hot, wearing a cotton tank top that was sticking to me and making everything hotter. The garage doors were close and it was raining and muggy outside. On a whim, I took my tank top off. Don’t worry, I was still wearing my workout bra and shorts (actually, I was a walking advertisement for Reebok Crossfit this morning: workout bra, shorts and oly lifting shoes were all Reebok! 😉 ), but I just couldn’t take the heat from the tank top anymore. Even weirder, I didn’t care if anybody saw my flabby baby belly. I just wanted to get through this last round and be less sweaty/hot. I also figured, if anybody gets offended by my flabby belly, then they obviously are not working hard enough on the WOD, because honestly, I don’t notice anybody EVER when I’m doing a WOD, I’m just too busy focusing on my form and trying to breathe! I finished my set and put the tank top back on to do my cool off, but it was nice to be able to feel OK with my body and not care what other people thought around me. Yet another reason I love Crossfit so much: gained confidence, better self-image and accepting people all around me!

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