Of Snot, Sweat And Tears

Woke up bright and early wayyyyyyy before my alarm went off and lounged in bed before getting up and getting ready for today’s WOD.

Skill: The strict press were fun, except I had way better expectations on what I could achieve for them. I thought I could do 85# and it turns out that, even after warming up, 65# was where I was going to be today. I probably could have pushed for 70#, but Coach Caleb said it would be a good place for me to be at.

WOD: I was hoping to do the WOD with 35# KB, but I’m still not breathing fine and decided on 26# instead for FG2. I also used red and green bands for the strict pull-ups and managed to actually DO strict pull-ups! Coach Caleb said not to engage the hips and something clicked for me. I even managed to do 2 rounds of unbroken 6 strict pull-ups with these bands so I’m thinking I should probably upgrade to green and purple bands next time.

I won’t lie though, I left everything on the mat after this WOD. We all know by now that I am not a runner, so running with a stuffed up nose wasn’t ideal. I kept choking on my mucus and needed to take a few more walking breaks than I would have liked. I did appreciate Mark honking at me on one of my runs while he was driving to work though! Thanks for the support, buddy! 😉

It was just Traci and myself this morning and I was hoping to finish this one in 20:00 or less. I finished in 20:58, got down on all four and started to bawl like a baby. I was absolutely spent after this one and the thought of tackling my day was just too much for me to handle: laundry, going to look at 3 houses (our offer wasn’t good enough on the previous house and we were not wiling to offer more, so we walked away), picking up Rina from pre-school, tending to some visitors from out-of-town, cleaning and napping before my night at work tonight, all while still coughing my little heart out and blowing snots galore! Bleh!

After I was done with my mini pity-party for one, I picked myself up, cleaned up my gear and headed on home to do all the above (except for cleaning, it will have to wait until after my night shifts), because really, what other choice did I have?

The 3 houses we saw today weren’t ideal at all. I guess we’ll keep looking until we find something that fits our needs!

Gotta remind myself of that sometimes!

Gotta remind myself of that sometimes!

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